Chrysler Group aims to revive car lineup through overhauled 2014 Chrysler 200

Article by Anita Panait, on June 4, 2013

Chrysler Group aims to revive its car lineup by launching an overhauled Chrysler 200 family car in 2014. Chrysler focus has been lodged on its Jeeps and Ram pickup trucks. After all, these vehicles were the main force behind the carmaker’s sales and financial comeback in the recent years. Chrysler gave a relatively small focus to its car lineup, which has been considered as its main weakness.

Chrysler chief executive Sergio Marchionne even halted production of slow-selling models like the Dodge Caliber and refreshed only a couple of sedans with modest styling changes. Chrysler intends to turn that weakness into strength by providing more focus into its car lineup, starting with the Chrysler 200, which is dubbed as the carmaker’s most expensive project.

Jeff Schuster, an analyst with researcher LMC Automotive, remarked that a transformation of Chrysler's car lineup can be seen starting 2014. He remarked that the rollout of the redesigned 200 is a “big test” for Chrysler, since it is regarded as a way to measure its success in the car segment.

Marchionne expects Chrysler to post $2.2 billion in earning in 2013, which he has turned into one of a major source of revenues and profits for parent Italian carmaker Fiat SpA amid slumping vehicle sales in crisis-hit Europe. Chrysler, however, has yet to roll out a signature sedan model, unlike its Detroit 3 companions General Motors, which has the Cadillac ATS, and Ford Motor Co., which boasts of its Fusion nameplate.

For many customers, there are certain expectations when it comes to a mid-size sedan. With the 2015 Chrysler 200, all are changed because of the way this model has an interior and exterior that are beautifully crafted with a truly inspired American design. In addition, this latest model to come from the brand will serve to be Chrysler’s new “face.”

While it does display the new face of the brand, it remains to have design cues that are truly timeless in order for the 2015 200 to tell its very own story. A good example is that the Chrysler badge has been redesigned and now puts focus on the wing. In addition, the grille being integrated with the head lamps is considered as a first for the brand.

The combination of the trademarked light pipe, LED fog lamps, and LED tail lamps allows this model to have that unique and immediately recognizable appearance. Customers who are not sure of the light pipe can avail of the LED daytime running lamps, offered as an option. As mentioned, it has a timeless American design that makes use of simple elegance.

Indeed, the new model is defined by expressive and clean surfaces. Because of the sculptured and strong exterior, the 200 sedan is able to show muscles while keeping a soul. This is an exterior that drivers are sure to want to feel and touch. Overall, the design is restrained in a manner that it is not full of line work or ornamental. Rather, it reveals fluid surfaces and sensual lines, allowing it to emphasize the coupe-like look. Chrysler will also be making available the 200S which will have a more exclusive style, albeit more sinister and darker.

This style is not seen on the mid-size sedan class and even on other models in the brand’s lineup. Rather than the usual standard bright trim, the features in the 2015 200S come with a black trim and accent components. Exclusive for this model is the design of the daylight opening trim, or DLO, in gloss black. This is the same treatment for the region that envelops the side windows.

As such, it results in the 2015 Chrysler 200 being the sole model in the segment to have this particular feature. Fitted as standard are the integrated dual exhausts with the aluminum Hyper Black 19-inch wheels rounding off the look.

While the 200S variant does have a more sinister look, this is complemented by a driving experience that is sportier, as one would expect from an S model. Going to the interior, the combination of the color and trim are inspired by a number of well-known areas in America. Examples include Detroit, Sausalito in California, and even 5th Avenue in the Big Apple.

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