Cigarette Racing Team unveils 42 Huntress Inspired by the Mercedes G63 AMG

Article by Christian A., on February 8, 2013

The 42 Huntress Inspired by the G 63 AMG will be presented at the Miami International Boat Show on Feb. 14. This is the third collaboration between the Cigarette Racing Team and Mercedes-AMG. So if you want to see what “uninhibited performance” looks like, make sure to visit Booth B-23 at the Miami Beach Convention Center.

Mercedes-AMG and Cigarette Racing Team, which are leaders in their respective industries, have broken new ground with the 42' Huntress inspired by the G63 AMG. The Cigarette 42' Huntress is built using the same rigorous construction that typifies their famous offshore performance boats. They used this very durable superstructure as its base.

Because of its center console nature and overall capacity, this boat is able to perform on any type of rough water environments that would already tear other performance boats apart. At the same time, a large number of people can be accommodated on it.

The AMG G-Class, which is frequently cited as the G-Wagen (short for Geländewagen that translates to "cross-country vehicle"), stays true to its heritage as a vehicle that could be mainly used in difficult off-road terrain.

It comes with three electrically controlled 100% differential locks, ladder frame and rigid axle that place it in a class of its own. Its use of a V8 biturbo, hand built AMG engine with an output of 536 hp and impressive 560 ft-lbs of torque puts the G-Wagen as a performer in all environments. In addition, it features a bespoke interior and is a true legendary luxurious off-roader.

Looking at the G63 AMG, it is clear that it retains the well-known characteristic style of the AMG while becoming the brand’s new face. Indeed, this eight-cylinder model continues to follow what the SL63 AMG and the SL65 AMG have done. Its radiator grille has that “twin-blade” in high-gloss black and by having those four chrome inserts, it more than guarantees that despite being a new G-Class model, it is still immediately recognizable as an AMG. Indeed, the design of the grille is in line with the classic curves and the off-road appearance has been integrated perfectly with the overall look.

This latest generation of the G-Class brings with it a wide range of excellent safety features. The ESP for instance has been entirely readjusted. There are also automatic control systems like the HOLD function and the start-up assist, both of which allow for easier hill starts. The safety system also works well especially in certain emergency braking scenarios. A good example is when the driver is forced to release the accelerator and press on the brake pedal.

Should this occur, the brake system makes sure that the pressure present in the brake lines are increased and then the brake linings are applied to the discs. The result is that the vehicle is able to experience the maximum effect once the brakes are applied. The brand revealed that this “pre-filling” function helps support the brake assist and is equipped to this luxury off-roader as standard.

Offered as option is a trailer coupling and should customers go for this, there is the ESP trailer stabilization which increases the safety especially when the model is pulling a trailer. Further, the ESP has added function wherein the trailer can be detected once the electric connector plug has been plugged in to the towing vehicle’s socket. This system also utilizes sensors in order to counteract any of the trailer’s fishtailing, especially at speeds of at least 65 km/h.

It makes this possible by applying the brakes alternately on the left when in the front and the right front wheel. While it appears simple, this is in fact enough to remove the problem and even prevent any additional risk. Should the situation encounter severe fishtailing, the system lowers the engine torque with the brake applied on all the towing vehicle’s four wheels. Thus, the vehicle is able to reach a safe speed range immediately.

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