Lexus endows a custom LS600h L to a loyal centenarian client

Article by Christian A., on April 26, 2017

This one takes the cake for the ultimate customer service. A centenarian treats himself for hitting the 100 year mark by purchasing a £100k Lexus. Upon hearing of the purchase, Lexus decided to make the celebration a bit more special, by customizing the luxury car the centenarian will never forget.

Who is the gentleman in question? He is Barry High OBE who hails from Blockley and is duly recognized as a loyal customer to the Japanese automaker.

Barry High joined the Royal Engineers in the Army when he left school, and by the time the World War 2 concluded, he has risen up to the rank of Major. Afterwards his main trade was construction. He reportedly bought as many as 25 automobiles from Lexus Cheltenham for the last 16 years. On his birthday, Sir Barry decided to make his birthday a tad extraordinary and went to his all time favourite vehicle manufacturer and immediately ordered a £100,00 (around $128,000) Lexus LS 600h L , cause why not?

Striking on the best moment to thank the man for his continuous patronage, Lexus UK produced a one-off special version built for the birthday boy. The Lexus LS 600h L Centenary Edition was specifically badged up with a centenary logo, and also has bespoke pin-striping, chrome badges and exclusive 100 script on the wings of the car.

Sir Barry then chose the color of the luxury car, a metallic silver coating with a cream leather interior. Akin to the standard LS 600h L, the special edition luxury car is equipped with a hybrid powertrain that is has an electric motor combined with a 5.0 L V8 gasoline engine. The overall power output of the LS 600h is a spending 44 hp, which enables the luxury car to accelerate up to 62 mph (100 kph) in only 6.3 seconds.

However tempting as it may seem, Barry will not be the one behind the steering wheel. He has a personal chauffeur to cruise him around in his customized automobile and with an OBE for services to charity and an impressive army rank of Major belonging to him, it serves no problem to the centenarian.

Dean Cordell, Senior Sales Executive at Cheltenham Lexus, revealed that Sir Barry has been buying Lexus' cars for many years. He further said that Lexus was aware of his timeless patronage and the company wanted to do this for Sir Barry, and he readily agreed to the offer made.

Once the vehicle was exiting the production line it was duly customized to express their gratefulness, and it was a beautiful one off. Mr Cordell further added that the day went as planned and they offered a formal celebration and a toast of champagne, where the car was under a cover when the birthday boy arrived.

The loyal customer was extremely appreciative on what transpired in the showroom. This is one lucky man, after all. Isn't it exciting to blow your candles in a special edition Lexus? I know you want it too.

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