Customers don’t know who makes the Volt, Leaf… survey says!

Article by Christian A., on June 26, 2011

Almost 70 percent of electric vehicle shoppers did not know that Nissan is the manufacturer of the all-electric Leaf while 55 percent cannot relate the Volt with Chevrolet, an independent market research survey conducted by Boston-based research firm Compete Inc. revealed.

This is a problem for the affected manufacturers. According to Compete's managing director for transportation, Lincoln Merrihew, these electric vehicles are supposed to be "halo products" but the manufacturers are not obtaining the benefit of the halo, which means that in the case of the Leaf, the vehicle is not reflecting on Nissan.

The study further revealed that a little more than 17 percent of consumers surveyed have an idea that Nissan is the manufacturer of the Leaf while 13 percent thought that the vehicle model is offered by other companies like Toyota and Chevrolet.

On the other hand, Volt had a clearer image, as the survey revealed that 45 percent of those polled had identified the vehicle as a Chevrolet.

According to Nissan's vice president of marketing, Jon Brancheau, most of the consumers who are shopping for an all-electric car unit are new to the Nissan brand, which becomes a "tremendous" opportunity for the company when it comes to launching their lineup to these new consumers.

On the other hand, spokesperson for GM, Rob Peterson, disclosed that most of the previous marketing campaigns on the Volt were aimed to build general credibility for EVs. These days, marketing efforts are focused on relating the vehicle closer to the brand. One of the examples of this marketing strategy is GM's 600 demo vehicles at Chevy dealerships.

The Voltec’s powerful propulsion system is at the heart of every new Chevrolet Volt. Thanks to the range-extending engine and Volt’s superior battery performance. This technology combines pure efficient electric driving that can last to a total of 350 miles.

Motorists can enjoy environment-friendly driving up to 25 to 50 miles by driving this new Chevrolet vehicle. The new Chevy comes with 435lb T-shaped rechargeable battery pack that offers extra power designed for long drive. The same source of energy is used in propelling the car’s highly advanced 149hp electric drive component. Chevrolet Volt harnesses its power based on the slope, driving style and environmental temperature.

Delivering value, safety, quality, performance and reliability has always been part of every Chevrolet Volt’s 8-year battery warranty. Each high performance 5.5foot, 16kWh lithium-ion battery pack is produced in Brownstown Township in Michigan. Over the years, GM engineers have spent a total of 4 million hours and 1 million miles just to test each battery unit. This started in 2007 until today. To design one powerful battery, stringent testing is performed to meet over a thousand and more specific requirements. The Volt battery is composed of 161 units where 95% is designed and engineered by General Motors. The Volt battery has a total of 288 prismatic cells and 9 modules for longer lasting performance.

According to Micky Bly, GM Executive Director for Global Electrical Systems, their clients have vowed to make use of technology so that they will no longer depend so much on petroleum. Due to this, the company is committed to deliver value, safety, quality, performance and reliability at the highest standards.

In an effortless move, a Chevrolet Volt can change to extended range mode anytime the battery power is depleted. Adding 310 miles of driving, this propulsion system inverts its energy to the electric drive unit from a high performing (84hp, 1.4L, 63-kW) fuel powered on-board engine.

Using its low speed torque (368Nm), this electric car delivers an impressive acceleration at 0-60mph in as short as 9 seconds and the quarter mile in 17 seconds (or less).

A Chevrolet Volt’s battery is rechargeable with the use of any traditional 120V electrical outlet. The charging time required is only 10- 12 hours. On the other hand, it only takes 4 hours of charging time when using a 240V charging station. Owning the new Chevrolet Volt certainly has its perks. Users can download a smartphone application (Chevrolet Mobile App) or log on to to efficiently monitor battery usage and charging hours.

This new Chevrolet mid-sized sports sedan definitely shines not just with its performance but also with the sleek, bold look at every angle. The Volt’s sculpted belt line and wider stance are much more defined considering these measurements:

• Front tracks: 1556mm (61.2 inches)

• Rear tracks: 1578mm (62.1 inches)

• Wheelbase: 2685mm (105.7 inches)

Chevrolet’s Director of Design Bob Boniface said in a report how they wanted to design a sleek and dynamic revolutionary car out of Volt. He also wanted this car to project a certain statement. This kind of look is possible with carefully executed designs, which are very evident on the interrelating surfaces that show a clean and crisp edge and creases.

General Motor’s wind tunnels play a great role in shaping the Chevrolet’s most aerodynamic vehicle in history. The design and engineering team has also worked systematically with aerodynamicists to contribute to its design. Nevertheless, the teamwork has resulted to Volt’s extended 50 miles range and 8 miles of electric range capability.

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