Deliveries of Domino’s pizzas in Swindon to be made by Renault Twizys

Article by Anita Panait, on January 10, 2013

The Swindon franchise of pizza chain Domino’s will be delivering fresh-from-oven goods with a pair of Renault Twizy electric compact vehicles. The Swindon franchise is using the Renault Twizys – draped in dazzling Domino’s colors -- to ensure that that their local customers will receive their pizzas while still hot and complete.

Since Domino’s delivers until 5am all over Swindon and nearby areas, the ever silent-but-very economical Twizy is the ideal vehicle for driving around residential areas without disturbing the entire neighborhood with noise.

The Twizy also allows Domino’s drivers to deliver in any area in Swindon without worrying about finding a large parking space, since the vehicle has small dimensions of just two-and-a-half meters (length) by one-and-a-half meters (width).

Since the Renault Twizy is an electric vehicle that boasts of zero carbon emissions, it really helps Domino’s to achieve its company targets of reducing such environmental pollution.

With the Renault Twizy, Domino’s does not have to worry about paying for road tax or for fuel, since the vehicle could be up and running for a maximum of 60 miles after charging it using a standard 13 amp socket.

Twizy -- the world’s first mass market two-seat electric compact – is available in three trim levels: Urban, Colour and Technic, with a starting price of £6,690 including VAT. Battery hire is available from £45 per month including VAT.

The Twizy was designed as a pure electric vehicle from the ground up with the goal of providing mobility to urban areas. First shown to the world during the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show as an innovative concept, no other model has been able to match it. Expected to arrive later this month at different Renault showrooms, the Twizy is aimed at women and men, as well as professionals and young people.

In general though, Twizy does not really have a specific demographic. Instead the brand reveals that this model is for those who want a vehicle that is authentic, friendly to the environment, and shows excellent economics. One way to best describe the Twizy is that it is a vehicle that offers faster mobility. This model proves that it is possible to remain quiet and at the same time give off a lot of noise.

Twizy is a wonderful mobility solution for those living in urban areas, be it one individual or two. With a low center of gravity and overall length of 2.34 m with total width at 1.24, it has a rather ultra-compact footprint. Its size also allows it to park easily and even get through very small gaps. Performance is excellent with acceleration from standstill to 45 km/h possible in shorter than seconds.

This is pretty much the same as a 125-cc scooter travelling at least 50 meters. Still, this is an impressive figure for a four-wheeler. For those who want a better example, this is like taking the usual trip around the city and saving as much as 25% of the time, which includes parking. Even more impressive is that it can do so without using even a drop of fuel.

Safety is also better compared to many two-wheelers or even three-wheelers. This is due to a number of factors like having an open architecture, thin windscreen pillars, and panoramic visibility.

It also comes with parking aids, a turning circle measuring 3.4 meters, and the agility it displays when going through traffic. When it comes to regulations, the ones for quadricycles are very different when compared to cars. Even then, Twizy continued to make use of the expertise that Renault has when it comes to vehicle safety. Thus, it is fairly clear that having four wheels makes it more stable when compared to vehicles having two wheels or even those with three wheels. In addition, Twizy has the all-round disc brakes and due to contribution from Renault Sport Technologies to its development, it appears to hug the road.

By combining unlikely proportions with that of friendly features, this results in creating a protective cell which surrounds the two seats. The safety of the driver is improved with the four-point harness and an airbag in the front. Meanwhile the passenger also has a front airbag with a three-point seat belt. Offered as an option are the doors that help extra protection not only from draughts but also from the elements.

There will be two glove boxes mounted on the dash. The first measures 3.5 liters and the second, lockable, offers 5 liters. Both boxes will have a 12-volt power supply available. In addition, hidden at the back of the passenger seat is a 31-liter stowage area.

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