Dodge launches new TV and digital campaign for the Journey crossover

Article by Christian A., on September 14, 2011

Dodge wants to interest you in a treasure hunt. A new TV and digital ad campaign has been launched for Dodge’s Journey crossover, which is being positioned to be known as the "Search Engine for the Real World." Three Journeys have been hidden around the country. If you find one, you get to keep it. Dodge hid the first vehicle in the western U.S. For clues, customers will have to take a look at videos at

These clues may be seen in some scenery or there could be local hints like a name of a motel, or the cupholder from a coffee shop. Dodge said that the first vehicle in the West has to be found first before the hunt in the Midwest is started for the second vehicle on Sept. 16.

The hunt for the third vehicle, which will be hidden in the East, will begin on Sept. 23. Dodge agency Wieden+Kennedy of Portland, Ore. created this campaign, which illustrates the travels of the Journeys through American landscapes.

The voice of TV actor Michael C. Hall is used for the campaign. He urges drivers to get away from their computer-driven lives and to explore the real world. Hall says in the voiceover: "People don't make a list of the Web sites they wanna see before they die. They don't fill photo albums with pictures from an online search. Like being there is not like being there. It's OK. The Internet will be just fine without you. That's why we built the first search engine for the real world -- the Dodge Journey. And then we left three somewhere out there. If you can find one, you can have one. You won't find any of them online, but it might help you figure out where they might be."

With the 2011 Journey, Dodge has once again introduced to the market a new and wonderful product. This mid-size crossover has the right proportions and can seat five passengers or even seven. It has an all-wheel-drive capability with a number of advanced storage solutions inside and a host of security and safety features included. There are also models that have been packaged to fit different lifestyles. There are also various features for the dual-zone climate controls and to the navigation and even the ability to check on the price of fuel.

With the Uconnect Touch media center, life inside is easy as the 2011 Journey delivers amazing adventure not just for the driver but its passengers as well. A total of four models have Uconnect Touch with top-of-the-line technology and intuitive controls. Through the user-friendly touch-key grouping along with the touch-screen display, connecting personal devices, and controlling them, everything is intuitive and simple. It can even be customized.

Powering the 2011 Dodge Journey is a Pentastar 3.6-liter V-6 engine with output at 283 horsepower and maximum torque at 260 lb.-ft. Total power is 20% better when compared to the V-6 engine that the new engine replaced. Paired to this new engine is the six-speed transmission which allows for a smooth shift. Drivers therefore get to experience a quiet and smooth ride. Noise, vibration, and harshness have been reduced due to the high quality sound-deadening treatments installed and the insulation put in. Coming as a surprise would likely be the interior. Once inside, occupants will get to experience high levels of comfort and craftsmanship.

Setting the tone for interior is the one-piece instrument panel that has been stunningly crafted. There are new gauges on its larger cluster and in the middle of this is the electronic vehicle information center or EVIC. There is a display backlit in full-color having the Dodge red lights which results in a soft glow that is not seen in models from the same segment. In addition to being more sculpted, the stack bezels integrated in the center are also less angular. In order to ensure that the knees of the driver get more room, the designers made sure to soften the radius. Redesigned as well are the cooling and heating outlets making them look better and even have better functioning.

Composed and agile, the 2011 Journey is able to handle all types of driving and different road conditions. In order to get the best out of this model, engineers at Chrysler Group managed to enhance the routine ride handling by improving on the suspension geometry. The engineers even put in premium tires and redesigned the steering to give a more coordinated and precise response. In general, customers are guaranteed to have a fun-to-drive and energetic experience in the 2011 Journey.

Clearly with this offering, Dodge has managed to use what was good and surprisingly made it even better. It comes with suspensions that have been redesigned and retuned. Under the hood is the V-6 engine and inside is an amazing interior.

It does not stop there as the 2011 Journey has inside it the latest, and likely the greatest connectivity in a vehicle. Customization is excellent as well given the PowerNet electrical architecture from Chrysler Group. With the different features like the command center with touchscreen and the Uconnect Touch, drivers will feel as if the whole world is at their fingertips.

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