Dubai police auctions 23 luxury vehicles, including a Ferrari Enzo

Article by Christian A., on April 26, 2012

A special auction took place on Wednesday as the police in Dubai attempted to sell 23 luxury vehicles, which include a £1 million limited edition Ferrari Enzo. This is believed to be the most expensive police sale throughout history. There had only been 399 units of this model produced worldwide. Last year, the police impounded the car, which was found abandoned in a car park and had already been covered in a lot of dust.

A Brit owned these vehicle, which is considered one of the top 10 fastest ever road cars ever built. It is believed that the owner is being hounded by unpaid traffic fines, which had piled up as the supercar was left there 20 months ago. Many expats decide to simply abandon their pricey cars because having a debt in Dubai is a crime. To avoid jail, many would skip the country.

They would be placed on the Interpol wanted list by the rich Arab state's authorities. It’s unknown if the Brit had committed serious crimes. The supercar will be getting a 5998c aluminium V12 engine, which delivers 660bhp and reach a top speed of 217mph.

It can accelerate from 0-60mph in only 3.4 seconds. Enzos, where were first produced in 2002, are so rare that every time one crashes the value of the others go up. Among the cars included in this auction are the following: 7 top-of-the-line Porsches, Corvettes, Mercedes, BMWs, Infinitis, Range Rovers and Dodges.

As a brand, Ferrari at times comes out with a model that shows an excellent combination of sporting experience and technological knowledge. The first example of this is the Ferrari 250 LM which was originally launched back in 1963. This model was developed by the founder of the brand himself, Enzo Ferrari. The Ferrari 250 LM was made specifically for drivers with this model being designed as a racing car.

After that it was the Ferrari GTO in 1984 and later the Ferrari F40 in 1987. When the brand celebrated its 50th anniversary, it came out with the Ferrari F50 in 1995. Looking at these different models, it is clear that each of them represented an important milestone for the brand. While these models were limited edition cars, each of them carried its own technological message that helped enhance the model’s performance.

When 2002 came, Luca di Montezemolo showed the world the Ferrari Enzo. This model was the result of four straight years of being the leader in the Constructor's World Championship. It even had technical input from none other than World Champion Michael Schumacher with the racer also helping with the fine adjustment sensitivity.

The Ferrari Enzo thus fully utilizes all of the knowledge as the objective was to come out with a model that had an integrated system which could help it attain extreme performance.

This same system was envisioned to improve further the performance limits experienced by the driver by using the man/machine interface of Formula 1. In fact, in order to come out with the Ferrari Enzo, the brand had to enter an in-depth technical partnership with other companies in the likes of OMR, Magneti Marelli, Bridgestone, and Brembo.

Montezemolo revealed that for the brand, the Ferrari Enzo is considered as historic for a number of reasons. This why the brand knows the name to be chosen had to have a strong symbolic significance and it clearly had to be that of the brand’s founder, he added. With the use of carbon and composite materials, the 5,998 cc V12 engine, and the F1 gearbox, there is little room for doubt that this new model is the best fusion of what has earned four straight Formula 1 Championships over the last 4 years, he continued.

Montezemolo said further that when it comes to the highest levels of technology, the race track is a good source. The Ferrari Enzo is therefore an innovative model that is unique in its own right and symbolizes what the brand has been in the past and the present while giving a glimpse to what the future may be, concluded Montezemolo.

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