Upcoming Maybach SUV is rumored to be electric-powered

Article by Christian A., on November 24, 2016

It was around two years ago when Mercedes-Benz put forth the notion of releasing a Maybach SUV. Since then, rumors have been circulating about this possibility but top level management remains unsure on how to proceed. The latest speculation going around is that once the brand releases the production version of its EQ electric crossover, it may undergo the Maybach experience.

Regarding the first rumor, none other than the brand’s Chief of Global Sales Matthias Luhrs revealed to Top Gear that the brand is still closely studying all the possible options and indeed, having a Maybach SUV is one such choice. In relation to the second, the company continues to study the EQ Mercedes and should the brand proceed with a Maybach version, it remains to be too early to say, he added.

Based on various sources, the brand is putting off creating a Maybach SUV only after it has released the next generation of its products. There is the possibility for instance that rather than the EQ, the company may opt to begin with a future version of the GLS-Class. Should this happen, it is expected that the price can be in the six-figure range. Still, many enthusiasts are waiting for this as this Mercedes-Benz model could challenge not only the Rolls-Royce Cullinan but even the Bentley Bentayga.

BMW, one of the brand’s strongest rivals, is said to be currently developing a luxury SUV. This is the X7 which is slated to arrive in three years or in 2019. There are even stories circulating that BMW is also developing an M version that is expected to show more luxury. There’s also talk that BMW is planning its very own tune. In fact, Alpina has filed for trademark protection. This was revealed sometime in May of this year as Alpina applied registrations for the D6, D6S, D7, D7s and XD7. It is projected that customers may get the higher-riding version especially with the B7.

Still, even with all of these, it is not enough motivation for Mercedes to release a Maybach SUV. A possibility is that the brand would continue to use the Mercedes-Maybach like with the S600 and the S650 Cabriolet. For those not familiar, the latter was recently released by Maybach during the 2016 Los Angeles Auto Show and was aimed to offer the most exclusive in open-air models.

It appears that Mercedes-Benz is likely to use this name for a luxury trim level instead of utilizing it for a dedicated vehicle. Of course, the brand could always decide to go the way it did when it released the more luxurious version of the GLS-Class. After all, this particular model would not need to do much work as most of it has already been done.

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