Elextra Electric Super Sedan is back with more revealing images, probably to get Tesla nervous

Article by Christian A., on March 28, 2017

It’s quite safe to say that this generation marks the rise of the electric cars. For the past few years, automakers have been very busy trying to find the perfect combination to be able to produce the best electric car the world has ever seen. In recent reports, Tesla has been a rising star in the field of electrifying vehicles. So many have tried to overthrow the American automaker from its throne, with a recent challenge from a new contender. But will it be able to outshine the Tesla Model S? Let’s try to find out.

Bremblens-based company Classic Factory is currently doing its best to create an electric vehicle that will surpass the brilliance that is the Tesla Model S P100D.

Months ago, mysterious photos of the Elextra have been circulating around the internet showing glimpses of its side profile. Recently, semi-revealing official teasers of the Elextra have been released, showing off its front and rear fascia. What’s quite fascinating is that its front design takes on a triangular motif which is quite evident on the shape of its headlight clusters and the indentation on its hood.

Also, there appears to be some kind of a full-width LED bar, which we are guessing, will serve as its daytime running lights. Its sleek body case extends over to what was once its grille (since pure EV’s will no longer have a need for a grill to cool down its combustion engine).

At the rear, the Elextra is designed with wide and slightly curved taillights while a very narrow (and impractical) tailgate comes along with a low and small rear windshield. The highlight of its design, however, is the pair of wings mounted on the roof of the Elextra, further extending to its rear. These designs most probably function for aerodynamic purposes.

Moreover, the teaser images reveal that the sedan may have a very low roofline and extremely narror rear doors which only mean one thing – having passengers out back may not be a good idea as going inside of it may prove to be quite tricky.

Specs have also been revealed and the numbers look promising. The Elextra is expected to join the list of the quickest-accelerating cars of all time with an estimated acceleration time from 0 to 62 mph (100 kph) of less than 2.3 seconds. This four-wheel drive Swiss-designed electric vehicle will be hand-built in Germany near Stuttgart which is a start for its goal of redefining a supercar.

Only a limited number of units will be made, probably around 100, to maintain the “highest quality imaginable”. In the following months, more information about the Elextra will be released, including strategies on how it will challenge Tesla’s Model S P100D. It’s too early to get our hopes up, though, but we’re really hoping that the teasers will not be in vain and that the car would actually find itself into production unlike those that came before it.

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