2017 CES: Eli Zero electric city car -- a cross between Renault Twizy and smart fortwo

Article by Christian A., on January 3, 2017

What happens when you fuse Renault’s Twizy and smart fortwo electric drive city cars together? One possible outcome is the Eli Zero electric city car, a creation of Eli Electric Vehicles.

Eli Electric Vehicles is all set to display its flagship product – the Eli Zero electric city car – at the 2017 iteration of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. At first glance, some people may confuse the Eli Zero with the Renault Twizy electric city car. Both electric city cars feature similar shapes, similar sloping roofs and similar sides. But while they may appear identical, there are quite a number of major differences between the two electric cars.

For instance, the wheels of the Renault Twizy extend outward of the body to the front end. This results to a longer wheelbase with no front overhang and a very short rear overhand. The wheels of the Eli Zero, meanwhile, are still within the length of the body, although this electric city car features very short front and rear overhangs – just like that of the smart fortwo electric drive. However, the Eli Zero is visibly shorter than the smart fortwo electric drive, with a size that is similar to the Renault Twizy.

Up front, the Eli Zero features a front end marked by compact headlights contained in a singular lamp housing that is visually stretched from one side to the other. Daytime running lights (LED units) wrap around the edges of the compact headlights. In addition, the front end of the Eli Zero is marked by a small grille on the upper bumper. The windshield of the Eli Zero is also stretched only to join seamlessly with the electric city car’s transparent roof. Unlike the Renault Twizy, the Eli Zero features fixed doors and windows for added practicality. Likewise, the Eli Zero is provided with a rear glass window, unlike the Twizy which has a rear that isn’t transparent.

Eli Electric Vehicles hasn’t provided much detail – aside from the images -- about the Eli Zero. It only said that the Eli Zero is the ultimate two-seater mobility unit for agile daily movement. The company added that the Eli Zero re-imagines the NEV (Neighborhood Electric Vehicle). In terms of performance, Eli Electric Vehicles hasn’t said a thing; so we’ll let the images speak. An image of the Eli Zero’s instrument cluster was provided, and it shows a thing or two about its performance. For instance, when the battery is nearly 40-percent full (around 37 percent or so), the Eli Zero could still go as far as 289 kilometers (180 miles) – which means that this electric city car has a full-battery max range of over 600 km (372 miles).

Well, we will find out if that range estimate is true once Eli Electric Vehicles formally unveils the Eli Zero at the 2017 CES, located at booth number 3334 on the North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center.

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