Eyebrows raised over $75,995 sticker price of Cadillac ELR

Article by Anita Panait, on October 22, 2013

The Cadillac ELR coupe will have a sticker price of $75,995, including shipping, when it becomes available for sale in January 2014. The plug-in hybrid’s hefty price is more than twice that of the Chevrolet Volt, which shares the same underpinnings and powertrain. But it seems that many customers might not be willing to pay the ELR’s sticker price.

For instance, 85 percent of those who were polled about the luxury coupe’s price on AutoBlog said the ELR is too expensive. Almost 17,000 responses were gathered. A visitor to Autoweek's Web site remarked the ELR is already equivalent to a Volt plus a CTS Coupe. A reader on autonews.com raised the question: "Are they planning to sell these things direct like Tesla since no dealer in their right mind would stock one?" 

A Cadillac spokesman, however, said the ELR’s sticker price reflects its “specialty nature” -- “a unique car in terms of its very dramatic design, advanced technology, luxury appointments and more than 300 miles of range."

He noted that there is no luxury coupe that offers those attributes and features like the Cadillac ELR. AutoPacific analyst Dave Sullivan wrote on Facebook the ELR’s MSRP is “a bit of a shocker,” remarking that most of the units will likely end up as leases. He added that customers will likely feel “getting a great deal with their monthly lease payment."

The 2014 Cadillac ELR luxury coupe has already been fitted with extended-range technology, known as Extended Range Electric Vehicle (EREV), currently at the top of the industry. This is the first time that such a technology is placed inside a model from a well-known luxury automotive brand.

However by matching it with a dramatic design, Cadillac was able to give this model a driving experience that is truly sporty while guaranteeing that it remains to be friendly to the environment. This particular technology delivers the power from a pure electric drive and combines it with the efficient range-extending generator. With this, the 2014 ELR can go for at least 300 miles (480 km).

Despite already being responsive and confident, the brand was still able to improve the EREV driving technology by offering the exclusive Regen on Demand. Further, having the selectable drive modes resulted in improving the drive further while making the most out of efficiency.

Going back to Regen on Demand, this features give the driver the ability to momentarily regenerate energy utilizing the momentum of the ELR and convert it to electricity which can then be stored in the model’s battery pack to be used later. In order to activate it, all the driver needs to do is use the steering-wheel paddles, a feature inspired by many traditional performance cars.

The EREV itself has been tuned specifically for the 2014 ELR. As such, daily drives mean no gasoline and thus delivering zero emissions. Meanwhile those planning to take longer trips will no longer need to face any range anxiety as the EREV technology means the ELR has the same long-distance freedom inside usual cars. Indeed, the 2014 ELR is able to deliver on the promise made by the Converj Concept, the same concept on which Cadillac’s newest model is based on.

The exterior shows that the brand will have proportions that are progressive and new. On the inside, it is able to highlight a new design theme that is expected to define future models of the brand. The interior puts focus on precisely crafter details, contemporary elegance, and of course, technology.

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