Faraday Future’s new patent is on controlling EVs using mobile devices

Article by Christian A., on May 2, 2017

Faraday Future, California based company, usually pops up when the topic is about technology and electric vehicles. Though the company currently isn’t doing very well in terms of its production facility, they continue to stick to their mission, hoping that one day, things will turn out well for them. For those of you who aren’t updated, they had to shut down their Nevada factory earlier this year due to lack of funds. But now, FF is making some news and things seem quite promising.

One of the patents from Faraday Future that caught our attention is called “System and Method For Operating Vehicle Using Mobile Device”. Basically, if you lose the key to your car, this technology will let you use your smartphone to open it, by sending a code to the car to open the door, without having to be connected to the Internet. Sounds cool enough?

By looking at the patent that is in partnership with this, you might find it a little disturbing that the sketch looks almost like the Chevy Volt concept. But we promise that this isn’t a reinvention of the Chevy concept, and was taken from a Faraday Future patent application.

So now, let’s just pretend you get to your car and you realise you’ve lost your keys, and the only thing you have with you is your smartphone. Yes, the only time we’ll return to the parking lot is probably after you realise that you left your wallet inside. But there are cases that are more urgent for instance, when a child is locked in the vehicle, or when you are late for you meeting, that will require you to open the doors as quickly as possible. This is where the concept of an electric door release system is needed to unlock doors when the primary power source is drained.

Let’s say your car is drained, and you are locked outside. Now, Faraday Future’s technology comes in handy here (if your EV has this technology installed). Your electronic vehicle will be able to receive “a DC power from an external mobile device” by a power interface. So your smartphone comes to the rescue here.

What’s even cooler is that FF filed for a patent wherein your car will wake up as you walk towards it with your smartphone in your pocket. You can even let family members access your car by sending to their phones the permission to use it. Moreover, the company plans to bundle cars like the FF 91 with a smartphone as a gift; it seems that they’ve thought of everything.

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