Ferrari 488 GTO will soon be revealed to us

Article by Christian A., on April 26, 2017

Ferrari is cooking up something interesting for us. The last time they released the 488 GTB was two years ago, followed by a 488 Spider and several versions of it. And now, it seems like they are preparing for the release of the 458 Speciale’s successor, the 488 GTO.

So, whats there to be excited about? The Ferrari 488 GTO is meant to rival Porsche’s 911 GT2. Therefore, the race-inspired flagship model will have a 3.9 liter twin-turbo V8 engine, capable of producing 700 horsepower (521 kilowatts). That is a huge power difference from its predecessor, and the Spider’s 493-kilowatt (660 hp) engine. It is expected for the 760 Newton-metre torque to increase as well due to the increased boost from the turbochargers.

The track-focused 488 GTO will follow a “more power, less weight” principle - just like the 360 Challenge Stradale and the 430 Scuderia. The company aims to bring the weight just under 1400 kilograms. And to cut down some of its weight, the 488 GTO will be built with a stripped out cockpit, thinner glass, and perhaps a more aggressive aerodynamic kit.

But it will be having a beefed-up suspension and brakes that goes hand in hand with two extra “mannetino” dials on the steering wheel. Moreover, its bodywork and new Side Slip Angle Control software should generate more downforce. This will hopefully cut down the time from 3 seconds flat in the GTB to about 2.7 in the GTO, when accelerating from zero to sixty miles per hour. And just 7.5 seconds from 0-124 miles per hour.

There was a recent sighting of a 488 test car, and people are wondering if that car may be the 488 GTO under development. But the company refrained from commenting on the issue.

Competition will definitely be fierce between the 488 GTO and the Porsche 911 GT2 RS, and the McLaren 720S (which will have a 530 kilowatt twin-turbo V8, and an all new chassis).

We cannot provide full and accurate details just yet since the car hasn’t been launched yet. But the Ferrari 488 GTO is expected to make its debut next year as the newer, more powerful version of the discontinued 9000rpm plus 458 Speciale. For your information, the very first (288) GTO was first introduced in 1984, while the last GTO that Ferrari released dates back to 2011.

As for the price, the GTO will probably have a base price of £215,000 - with a significant increase over the 488 GTB. due to its hardcore nature and reduced production numbers. But this is just an estimate for now.

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