Ferrari Chairman Luca di Montezemolo expects increased profit in 2012

Article by Christian A., on June 25, 2012

Once again, Ferrari Chairman Luca di Montezemolo (recently named European Manager of the Year) said to the Profil Austrian magazine that the Italian company has no plans for an IPO. Still, Montezemolo expects a bigger profit. Back in 2011, the Prancing Horse had a net profit of mode than 600 million euros and for 2012 Ferrari is expected to sell even more cars and earn more money.

India and Easter Europe are two regions that showed impressive growth. Ferrari is currently working hard on the Enzo successor dubbed F70, company’s first hybrid supercar, set to arrive later this year. With this new model earnings are expected to increase next year.

The F12berlinetta a.k.a. 599 GTB Fiorano successor is also expected to arrive to the dealerships soon and to boost Ferrari’s sales. The Ferrari 458 Spider is also a best seller for the Italian firm. Ferrari’s first quarter profit increased by 17.2 percent to 42.1 million euros.

Ferrari, the Italian brand known for producing world-renowned sports cars, with its Ferrari F12 Berlinetta, ushers in a new generation of F12-cylinders taking form of a vehicle that delivers unprecedented performance through a remarkable new engine, unsurpassed handling and innovative design and aerodynamics.

Since 1947, each time Ferrari unveils a new 12-cylinder sports car, there’s always a hint at something “magical” or extraordinary. This is due to the fact that the brand’s very first car, the 125 S was, itself, a 12-cylinder car, with purists seeing the 12-cylinder as the ideal engine.

As far as history goes, there have been several 12-cylinder car models built at Maranello that have really made their mark because of their technological prowess; the 1953 375 America, for instance, had an engine designed directly from the F1 single-seater of the day, while the 250 GTO in the 1960s was the perfect portmanteau of style and performance.

The list of goes on to include, of course, the 1969 365 GTB4—commonly known as the Daytona—which, due to its exceptional balanced architecture, delivered a great driving experience.

The aforementioned engines and cars—with many more not included in the list—are now being hugely sought by collectors all over the world, with each of them causing a major generational leap when they each first debuted. That continues today, with the emergence of the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta which is not only the latest mid-front 12-cylinder engine model of its brand, but moreover, it is the first in a whole new generation of its kind; in fact, it is the best performing Ferrari ever built yet, combining phenomenal performance with benchmark efficiency, with fuel consumption and carbon emission levels that are admiringly lower than the previous generation by 30%.

These well-known standards that are exceptionally high posed a challenge for engineers and technicians in creating and designing a front-engine car with top-tier performance that will still be able to offer the same driving pleasure and efficiency even at low speeds.

This was indeed an arduous task, because it would mean improving the design of the 599 GTB Fiorano, which is deemed as the most beautifully-crafted Ferrari ever. However, due to the engineers and technicians’ commitment, passion and determination to fully exceed expectations, they were successfully able to produce a Ferrari sporting an astounding new 740 HP mid-front V12 engine that delivers 690 Nm of torque.

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