Surprising high demand prompts Ferrari schedule deliveries to start in 2018 at the earliest

Article by Christian A., on November 30, 2016

Having a Ferrari in your garage is something you can be proud of. This is much expected as driving a Ferrari gives a new meaning to the word “exclusive.” This is typified by the fact that each Ferrari costs a lot of money and only a handful are willing shell out cash in mid-six digits. Although crafting a Ferrari car requires time, it doesn’t however take too long before customers receive their units.

Lately, however, Ferrari has been receiving a deluge of orders for its vehicles and has been hardly keeping up with production. This was disclosed by Herbert Appleroth, chief executive of Ferrari Australasia during the Australian launch of the turbocharged V8-powered GTC4 Lusso T. Appleroth admitted that no thanks to high demand for the Ferrari GTC4 Lusso T, Ferrari needs at least year before it could deliver the units to customers in some areas in Australia. This means that if an Australian customer now places an order for the Ferrari GTC4 Lusso T, the wait would probably end only in 2018 or even later.

Matters are worse for practically all other vehicles in Ferrari’s stable – placing an order now would mean a lag time of nearly two years. This means that a customer who placed an order for the Ferrari 488 GTB, Spider, or California T would need to wait until late 2018 before he or she could take delivery of the unit.

No one could be happier than the people at Ferrari. Essentially, Ferrari is now offering the most number of models in its history and that allows it to cater to a broader spectrum of the sports car market. It even offers an entry-level sports car in the persona of the California T. Appleroth remarked that just like the California T, the GTC4 Lusso T has the potential to attract new buyers to the Ferrari brand.

He noted that since 85 percent of the volume in the GT segment is powered by V8 engines, GTC4 Lusso T presents a great opportunity to appeal to first-time Ferrari customers as well as to owners of other up-market vehicles seeking a whole new level of daily driving. Appleroth also noted that since there are now several brands that have moved into the price range where Ferrari competes, it has become a natural step for customers to switch to the Italian sports car marquee.

Appleroth also cited another reason to the significant rise in the demand for Ferrari sports cars – the Italian brand has the youngest model range in its segment, with two new models every year for the last two years. In addition, Ferrari also offers a distinct warranty scheme that entails a three-year unlimited kilometer warranty as well as seven years of no-extra charge scheduled servicing – both of which are transferable. Appleroth likewise noted Ferrari’s industry-leading residual values of 92 percent.

Source: CarAdvice

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