Ferrari Enzo successor will boast an output of 920 hp

Article by Christian A., on February 21, 2012

Approximately 15 years after Porsche gave up its lightness-and-small-displacement strategy and developed a five-liter sports racer to outperform Ferrari at Le Mans, a different sort of battle started between the two companies -- a battle for top positions in the super-supercar market. Ferrari manufactured a radically modified twin-turbo 308 GTB in 1984 with an intent to meet Group B road-racing rules.

In response to the 288 GTO, Porsche introduced the impressive 959, which made its debut at about the same time as the successor of the 288 -- the infinitely loopier and practically skeletal F40. When Ferrari introduced the Enzo Ferrari 10 years ago, Porsche responded by launching the Carrera GT, which is a cost-no-object hypercar of its own.

Now that Porsche is ready to manufacture the V8/hybrid 918 Spyder, which will feature 718 gas-electric horsepower, Ferrari's Enzo successor could not be shown up by a measly Porsche. The new vehicle, which is rumored to be revealed this fall, will boast an output of 920 hp, 800hp of which will come from a 7.3-liter evolution of the 599 replacement's V12, reports Automobile.

The remaining 120 hp comes electrically through a kinetic-energy-recovery system. With the fact that Ferrari is aiming for reduced weight, the new vehicle will weigh around 2,500 pounds, about three-quarters of a ton less than the slightly more powerful Bugatti Veyron 16.4. Moreover, the new vehicle is rumored to be dubbed the F70.

Ferrari finally unveiled the LaFerrari during the 2013 Geneva International Motor Show. While road cars coming from the brand are fitted with the HY-KERS system and active aerodynamics, the LaFerrari will be the first model to also have dynamic controls. This is not difficult for the brand as it makes use of signature logic when it comes to its systems.

As such, the new offering is able to attain excellent levels when it comes to handling, aerodynamic efficiency, and performance. All without compromising even a little bit of each of these qualities. This uncompromising and innovative approach was also implemented when it comes to designing the interior which highlights the HMI that is obviously taken from the single-seaters of F1 cars.

With only 499 units expected to be manufactured, this did not deter Ferrari as it looked on this as a chance to try and test technological solutions that it will later implement on the production versions. One of these is the use of the hybrid system which utilizes the F1 KERS knowledge of Scuderia Ferrari. This has resulted in the brand being able to emphasize its core values which are driving excitement and performance.

Mentioned earlier is the HY-KERS, which is the brand’s very own hybrid technology that offers excellent performance while having lower emissions. Even without shifting to the electric-only drive, the LaFerrari has CO2 emissions at 330 g/km. It does not stop there as the HY-KERS was developed so that future models would be able to run using electric power alone, even for just a few kilometers.

In fact when the LaFerrari underwent testing, it achieved CO2 emissions at 220 g/km running on pure electricity. According to Ferrari President Luca di Montezemolo, this limited-series special was named as LaFerrari considering that it is the best example of what the brand is all about, which is excellence. The brand has long been associated with excellence in driving, style, performance, and even technological innovation, he added.

Ferrari’s di Montezemolo continued by saying that the LaFerrari is targeted at collectors and they are sure to love it as it is a remarkable vehicle that brings with it innovative solutions that are likely to be included in future models. He said further that it also serves as the standard for the auto industry. The brand has also been known for its knowledge in design (such as those obtained from Formula 1) and the unmatched and distinct engineering. He then stated that this latest offering may be the finest representation of it.

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