Ferrari Enzo successor will have a mid-mounted V12 engine and a carbonfibre chassis

Article by Christian A., on October 10, 2011

The model that replaces the Ferrari Enzo will feature a mid-mounted V12 and a carbonfibre chassis, according to Ferrari CEO Amedeo Felisa. Felisa, who spoke during the launching of the Ferrari 458 Spider, said that this car may use hybrid technology. He added that Ferrari has already started testing the hybrid prototypes.

Felisa divulged that the development of Ferrari’s KERS in Formula One led to the discovery of some information that may be significant for road cars. But he explained that a Ferrari hybrid system shouldn’t just have a good performance since efficiency has to be improved too.

Presenting hybrid technology on a replacement for the Enzo goes with Ferrari’s viewpoint of making use of these cars as test beds for new technology. An Autocar report in July bared a California hybrid mule. A future hybrid system has to be coupled to a mid-mounted V12 petrol engine.

As Ferrari’s production V12 range is already front-mid-mounted, Felisa explained that the Enzo replacement is meant to please the purists. Mid-mounted V12s are used by the F50 of 1995 and the Enzo of 2002 (if you own a car like this and want to insure it make sure you check these car insurance quotes).

The new car will feature a few elements of the Millechili concept. The F50 and Enzo are built with carbon composite construction with technology taken from Ferrari’s F1 program. Felisa believes that this is the “correct solution” for a small-volume car like the Enzo, which is aimed to have the least weight possible. Ferrari built only 349 F50s and 400 units of the Enzo.

But Ferrari won’t do as McLaren did and present a carbonfibre monocoque on regular production models. Felisa added that it might not make sense today but he asserts that the weight benefits compared with an aluminum chassis (like the 458’s) are very small while the costs are enormous. He also said that if there’s an accident, it would make it very hard to know if the chassis is damaged.

Ferrari is a brand that is known to create cars that display a mix of sporting experience and technical knowledge. The first ever model from the brand to show this quality was the 1963 Ferrari 250 LM. This model was created by the brand’s founder and it catered to owner-drivers and designed specifically to be raced. This was followed in 1984 by the Ferrari GTO, in 1987 with the Ferrari F40, and during the brand’s 50th anniversary in 1995 through the Ferrari F50. Not only did these limited edition models serve to mark the brand’s milestone but each of these had its own technological message that aimed to enhance its performance.

By 2002, none other than Luca di Montezemolo unveiled the Ferrari Enzo. This model is the result of four straight years of leadership in the Constructor's World Championship and combined with the fine adjustment sensitivity and technical input given by World Champion driver Michael Schumacher. Using its wide range of knowledge, the main goal was to create a vehicle that would have an integrated system allowing it to attain optimum performance. The brand believed that this system would allow the performance limits of the driver to be enhanced using a Formula 1 machine/man interface.

In addition, this new model would be built using a detail technical partnership between Bridgestone, Magnet Marelli, OMR, and Brembo. Brembo in particular has been responsible for the development of the brand’s braking systems for years now. Brembo’s design and capacities are shown through its CCM discs, composed of ceramic material, fitted in the Enzo. These discs almost never wear and deliver excellent braking efficiency.

They are also observed to be light, considering that when compared to similar types that use cast iron, it is lighter by 30%. According to Montezemolo, the brand sees the Enzo as a historic model for different reasons. It is for this reason, he added, that the brand had to select a name that had a great symbolic importance and it was none other than the name of the founder himself. Montezemolo continued that by fitting it with the 5,998 cc V12 engine, the F1 gearbox, and the use of composite and carbon materials, it is the best mix of its four straight wins at the Formula 1 Championships over the last four years. The reason is that when it comes to knowing the source of the highest technological characteristic of a unique car, it was clearly the race track. This is not only innovative but it also symbolizes the essence of the brand’s past and present while continuing to build its future. Montezemolo revealed that only 399 units of the Enzo will be manufactured.

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