Car designer renders a coupe version of the Ferrari J50

Article by Christian A., on December 16, 2016

When Ferrari unveiled its new limited series Ferrari J50 for the Japanese market, not a few were mesmerized by how splendid and gorgeous this exclusive super convertible is. The new Ferrari J50 is so impressive and marvelous that it left many wondering how it would look like if this convertible is a coupe. For that, we could turn to automotive designer Remco Meulendijk of RM CarDesign to render a coupe version of the Ferrari J50.

Ferrari launched the J50 super convertible to marks a new milestone – the Italian carmaker has been in Japan for 50 years. This limited series model -- a two-seater, mid-rear-engine roadster with a targa body and a barchetta form -- was presented at Ferrari‘s special 50th anniversary celebration at the National Art Center in Tokyo, Japan. The carmaker plans to produce only 10 examples of the Ferrari J50, each to be built according to the taste and preferences of their respective owners.

As Ferrari said, the limited series J50 supercar -- designed by the Ferrari Styling Centre team and built by the carmaker’s Special Projects department -- is based on the Ferrari 488 Spider. But as we know, the Ferrari 488 Spider is derived from the Ferrari 488 GTB. So, technically and indirectly, the J50 is based on the 488 GTB super coupe. It would be a great delight to see a J50 coupe that is based from a coupe-derived convertible.

To lend the J50 a barchetta form with a muscular appearance, the Italian sports carmaker lowered the center section of the bonnet and then raised the crests of its wheelarches. Its front bonnet features two carbon-fiber air channels while its full LED headlights comes with more aggressive design. One highlighting feature of the J50 limited series supercar is a black dividing line circling around its front extremities. This black line is positioned on the front end at below knee height to changes the perception of the beltline and effectively transform the J50 into a barchetta. The J50 features a two-piece carbon fiber targa top stowed behind the seats when not deployed.

Thanks to blacked-out A pillars, the J50’s windscreen and its side windows seem to form a continuous glass wrapping around its occupants -- resulting to the so-called “helmet visor” effect. The rear end of the new J50 is fitted with a high-downforce wing, a jet afterburner-inspired rear diffuser and new quad taillights. It rides on 20-inch forged wheels with spokes with Sakura design. Power is provided by a 3.9-liter V8 engine that could deliver up to 690 hp of ouput.

In Meulendijk’s render of the Ferrari J50 coupe, all of these design details have been retained -- except for the targa roof and some elements on top of the limited series supercar. His render features a glass double-bubble roof flowing into the engine hood. We do have to admit that a coupe version of the J50 also looks mesmerizing. Moreover, this could even launch a debate over which J50 version looks better – the fictional coupe or the real-life convertible.

[Update: Images were removed as Ferrari didn't like that Remco Meulendijk used them to make a coupe version. Too bad, the coupe version looked really good!]


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