Successor of Ferrari LaFerrari in the works – coming three to five years from now

Article by Christian A., on May 10, 2017

Surely, you guys are all familiar with the scene when a local store goes out of business: usually, a big “CLEARANCE SALE” shows up, waving you inside, urging you to make a last-minute shopping before it closes up for good and you miss all the good stuff you could’ve bought back when it was still in business. Well, this may be some kind of business strategy for some in the hopes of increasing their sales before that “closing date”.

This scenario is actually very similar with how Ferrari goes on with its business – not that we’re saying this automotive tycoon is going out of business because we don’t think it ever will. The point is, Ferrari likes making these “last chance” vibe every now and then, especially with their hypercars, making you feel sorry for not being able to purchase one when you had the chance. But of course, this “last chance” strategy works really well (apparently for those who can afford these hypercars) and only means that there’s something better in store – the latest example is the Ferrari LaFerrari.

According to Ferrari Chief Technology Officer Michael Leiters, a better replacement (read: faster and stronger) of the Ferrari LaFerrari is in the works, and may be available three to five years from now. From reports, this new hypercar will come with more innovative technologies but will also be practical for road use. Looks like we’ll have to make another countdown, eh?

Leiters tells Autocar that the Italian automaker aims to make a realistic hypercar, which means that it will not run with a Formula 1 engine. Running on this kind of engine will slim down the chances of having this new Ferrari hypercar run on public roads because it will need to idle at 2,500 to 3,000 rpm and rev to 16,000 rpm; in such cases as when the F50 used this type of engine, it had to be constantly replaced.

There is very little detail on how Ferrari decides to go about making this hybrid to dethrone the 950-horsepower LaFerrari, but Leiters did mention that the Italian automaker is reevaluating research and strategy for a so-called “new roadmap” to make this concept a reality. This roadmap is expected to be finished in six months’ time and will signal the start of a new era of hypercars. They are also looking at utilizing electric power by either a hybrid version or a sustainable electric one. The electric version is enticing, especially when we take into consideration the possible neck-snapping acceleration and instant torque capability that it can offer, like that on the Tesla Model S.

Ferrari hopes that the technology that will soon be utilized by this new hypercar will also make its way to “the rest of the range”. It will be quite a long wait, and until then, we’ll have to be satisfied with one more LaFerrari variant which will surely blow our minds like the original version did. We’re quite positive that the Italian automaker will deliver the best quality hypercar as it has done.


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