Ferrari logs 10% hike in net sales to EUR100.8 mil in first half 2012

Article by Anita Panait, on September 15, 2012

Ferrari posted a 10-percent increase in net profits in the first half of 2012 to EUR100.8 million and a 13-percent jump in trading profits to EUR152.2 million. The Italian carmaker also logged an 11.9-percent increase in revenues for the first six months of the current year to EUR1.208 billion. For the review period, Ferrari recorded a 7.4-percent hike in deliveries of homologated road cars to dealerships to 3,664 units.

As of June 30, 2012, Ferrari’s industrial net cash position achieved a new record figure of EUR895 million, with extremely high investments in product development. The carmaker’s net cash flow for the first half of 2012 was EUR203 million before dividends. The Board of Directors of Ferrari S.p.A., chaired by Luca di Montezemolo, examined the results on September 13, 2012.

Ferrari’s strong performance in the first six months of 2012 is attributed to the continuing success of the carmaker’s 8-cylinder models, particularly the new Ferrari California 30 -- where ‘30’ represents the 30 extra horse power and 30 kg lower weight. Ferrari’s first half feat is also credited to the success of its 458 Spider, which is powered by an engine that grabbed the Best Performance Engine of the Year award for the second straight year.

Ferrari’s sales were also strong in the 12-cylinder range, particularly its FF models. Ferrari has yet to include the F12berlinetta in its first half results as deliveries will commence only in the autumn. Despite still being unavailable to the public, the F12berlinetta has received critical acclaim, including awards like the Auto Bild Design Award.

The company’s personalisation programmes, which now cover all of its vehicles, is still well-liked by many customers. A number of customers have also availed of the carmaker’s exclusive new Tailor Made programme, as it allows them to create their own distinct Ferraris in terms of materials and trim.

With its design penned by the Ferrari Styling Centre and Pininfarina, the F12berlinetta is truly a fusion of optimal aerodynamic efficiency and elegant proportions common with the carmaker’s V-12 powered units.

To achieve this truly elegant yet athletic design, its designers worked hand-in-hand with engineers, applying the so-called subtraction method to incorporate several groundbreaking aerodynamic solutions. Instead of adding decorations, Ferrari designers and engineers removed those that aren’t really needed for the F12berlinetta to function aerodynamically.

This resulted to a groundbreaking system of air flows that marries technology and aesthetics, allowing the F12berlinetta to follow the tire tracks of its predecessors which bear a design that seamlessly merges form and function. The design of the new F12berlinetta endowed this new Ferrari with low, sleek coupé lines as well as sculpted flanks that help direct airflow from the bonnet. By reducing the volume between the central bonnet bulge and the wings, designers were able to create two aerodynamic channels that pass below a bridge between the front wheelarch and the bottom of the A-pillar. Then, these channels flow into scoops in the flanks of the new F12berlinetta.

Meanwhile, the front end of the F12berlinetta is defined by an aggressive grille through which cooling air flows into the engine bay. Flanking the grille are electronically controlled guide vanes that sends cooling air into the brakes. These vanes could be closed when needed to reduce aerodynamic drag, and could also be opened to ensure optimal brake cooling.

On the other hand, the rear end of the new F12berlinetta is defined by a modern yet functional interpretation of the Kamm tail that seamlessly integrates the rear diffuser’s two vertical fences, resulting to a T-shape with two full-LED circular tail-lights and F1-inspired rear fog light.

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