Ferrari SUV will be named Purosangue

Article by Christian A., on November 13, 2018

In case you missed it, Ferrari is joining the world of crossovers. As SUV and crossovers continue to rule the demand in the automotive world, the Italian sports car maker saw that it is in its best interest to join the game with the new Ferrari Purosangue.

While this new crossover might officially arrive in a matter of years, this new Ferrari SUV might already be past the planning stage – if SupercarsNews is to be believed. SupercarsNews uploaded a video on its YouTube account with the description “Ferrari Purosangue spy spotted! The new SUV Ferrari mule on the road.” The video shows a camouflaged crossover entering the field of view of the camera. Then, the camouflaged vehicle comes to a full stop, but only for a second. Perhaps, its driver had no inkling that a spy photographer was waiting for an ambush. Then the camouflaged vehicle reverses to hide from the camera.

No thanks to the description, by SupercarsNews persons who would have seen the video would quickly believe that this test mule was an early prototype of the Ferrari Purosangue. However, the Ferrari vehicle on the video might not be a test mule for the Ferrari Purosangue crossover. Instead, it could be an elevated test mule for the Ferrari GTC4Lusso. Since this test mule has a high ground clearance, it might have been mistaken for the Purosangue. As to why the test mule for the GTC4Lusso has a higher ground elevation, there is no clear reason yet.

The strong reason why the camouflaged test mule on the video might not be the Purosangue is because the crossover’s development of just in its very early stages. However, it is still possible that Ferrari has already gone far with this project.

In a presentation, Ferrari essentially announced the arrival of the Ferrari Purosangue – which is the Italian term for thoroughbred – in the future. Interestingly, newly installed Ferrari chief executive Louis Carey Camilleri remarked that the carmaker don’t wanted the Purosangue to be called as an SUV, saying that he don’t want to hear the term in the same phrase as Ferrari.

The Purosangue is essentially is a new crossover from the Prancing Horse that is underpinned by the carmaker’s new Front Mid Engine Architecture. With this platform, the Purosangue could be made as an all-wheel drive crossover, with the possibility of electrification. This new Purosangue would be offered either as traditionally powered crossover or as a hybrid. According to the carmaker’s future product roadmap, the Purosangue is expected to arrive in 2022.

Camilleri noted that he initially had qualms about Ferrari finally joining the crossover market. However, the design sketches for the Purosangue actually convinced to become a supporter of the project.

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