Ferrari SUV will arrive in 2021 with rear doors that are not visible

Article by Christian A., on July 25, 2017

Recently, Autocar revealed that a Ferrari SUV is on the way, after the company continuously denied that they will not build one. And unlike the usual crossover styling, Ferrari will give it rear doors that will not be visible, to make it look more like a coupe. Well, we think it’s brilliant. Many will disagree.

Ferrari calls it the “F16X”, a Ferrari Utility Vehicle (FUV) that gets its inspiration from the GTC4 Lusso, mechanically. For instance, the F16X can have a twin-turbo V8 or a naturally aspirated V12 that produces either 602 or 681 horsepower, giving power to the all-wheel drive setup. There is a possibility that this model will get a hybrid powertrain too. And just like the GTC4, it will probably have a liftgate with four or five seats, except it sits higher on the road.

So how will Ferrari introduce an SUV to us if they have been saying that they will never produce one? Well, they can always call it something else. This model, for instance, is said to be an FUV. Just like when they said that they were not building an entry-level Ferrari, but they actually were - it’s just that they called it something else. It is all about branding. This is very ironic as Ferrari CEO Sergio Marchionne once said that you would have to shoot him first” before the company builds an SUV. Rumours say that the crossover is being developed for a 2021 launch.

So, whether it will be an SUV, an FUV, or something else, Autocar believes that it will be priced at around $325,000, or it could even more expensive than the twelve-cylinder GTC4. They also think that the company will sell about 2,000 to 3,000 units of the vehicle yearly, which will be record breaking for the company if ever. But then, this is just an estimate of the British publication. The real number could be way off.

The reason why Ferrari is leaning more towards building a crossover is probably because of the demand for it. The company must have realized that they have to penetrate that segment or they will be falling behind their high-end competitors. Similarly, this is also the reason why Porsche dove into the market, something that Alfa Romeo and Maserati, and even Bentley and Rolls-Royce have done.

But with what we would see from the F16X’s photos, it seems like it will be competing against Aston Martin’s DBX and Lamborghini’s Urus. The fact that the company’s image is focused on sports vehicles, more than an SUV, gives it more chances of having greater success.

Having said all that, sources say that the Ferrari Utility Vehicle will be joined by the GTC4’s replacement, formerly known as the Ferrari FF, that is due in 2020.


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