Fiat reveals its 5-year business plan, 500X crossover announced

Article by Christian A., on May 6, 2014

Within two years, Fiat will double its lineup in the United States as part of its five-years business plan. The Italian brand will introduce the 500X crossover but also a new specialty vehicle. If we listen to the rumors, the specialty model will be called Fiat 125 Spider and will be based on the next-generation Mazda MX-5, built in partnership with Alfa Romeo.

The Fiat 500X will first arrive in Europe later this year, while a new compact sedan and a specialty model will be revealed in 2015. In 2016, Fiat will introduce in Europe a new compact hatch and a compact station wagon, as well as a new b segment car.

In 2017, Fiat will roll out a compact CUV, while in 2018 the new Panda will arrive. According to Fiat brand chief Olivier Francois, Fiat is a chameleon as the brand looks different wherever it travels.

Regarding the Fiat 500, this model will keep its design and according to Francois, this model doesn’t age and remains brand’s ambassador. By 2018, Fiat plans to increase its sales from 1.5 million to 1.9 million units.

Depending on which EMEA market it is to be sold, the Fiat 500X will be offered with different combinations of engine, transmission, and gearbox. All of which however will be able to meet any usage requirements and with every model guaranteed to be friendly to the environment. Efficiency has also been maximized in terms of consumption, emissions, and performance. During the launch of the new 500X, Fiat will be offering a combination of the Turbo MultiAir2 1.4-liter engine, capable of 140 hp, paired to a manual 6-speed gearbox, and a front-wheel drive. Then there is the "E-torQ" 1.6-liter engine (110 hp) with a manual 5-speed gearbox and front-wheel drive.

Other options include the MultiJet II 1.6-liter engine (120 hp) with the manual 6-speed gearbox and front-wheel drive as well as the MultiJet II 2.0-liter engine (140 hp) having the automatic 9-speed transmission with the four-wheel drive. Among the top choices is the Turbo MultiAir2 1.4-liter (170 hp) paired to an automatic 9-speed gearbox and four-wheel drive. For those who want more power, they can choose to have the Tigershark MultiAir2 2.4-liter, which can deliver 187 hp, and coupled with the automatic 9-speed transmission and the four-wheel drive. It is important to note that these two are petrol-powered.

Fiat did reveal that the Turbo MultiAir II 1.4-liter engine will be offered with the front-wheel drive and the automatic dual clutch 6-speed transmission. In addition, by having the cutting-edge automatic and dual-clutch sequential transmission, better driving comfort is ensured as well as a more athletic feel. It also has an effect on the gear shift speed as consumption is optimized while efficiency is increased.

As it relates to concept, there are two transmissions that run in parallel allowing for exceptionally fast gear changes. Thus while one clutch is released, the other one is engaged at the same time. When it comes to design, the team at Centro Stile Fiat revealed that the new 500X exemplifies a new aspect of the distinct 500, one wherein the concept of a modern contemporary is mixed in with an iconic style. Add in that exceptional off-road capability, and you get a model that is more than perfect for those outdoor travels. The 500X has that unmistakable expression of the “Made in Fiat” design.

Thus even with compact dimensions, it is able to deliver quality, rationality, and flexibility. The amount of space on the interior is truly excellent and customers get to choose between different premium fabrics and materials. Fitted inside is cutting-edge technology that ensures comfort, safety, and on-board well-being. In addition to being a casual model, the 500X is a fun vehicle that customers can “wear” every day.

Fiat’s newest model is similar to an original piece of clothing, one that comes with soft shapes in order to allow maximize freedom of movement. Having a wide range of customization options, the 500X is more than guaranteed to display the personality of the one behind the wheel. This model has that robust and solid look which complements the style of the harmonious lines. Because of this, the dimensions are more than ideal for customers who want the space, equipment, and comfort, offered in a compact saloon.

Indeed, the modest dimensions of the 500X are more than enough to make it the best to face urban traffic daily. Overall length is 4.25 meters, though the leisure version is longer by 2 cm. Total width meanwhile, is measured to be 1.8 meters. Height is 1.60 meters but with the roof bars, they can measure 1.61 meters. Having the four-wheel drive increases it to 1.62 meters. In order to highlight the sensual shape of the 500X, Fiat is offering a choice of 12 various colors. The brand offers a selection of eight different designs for the alloy wheels, which can come in the 16-inch version, 1 7-inch one, and an 18-inch variant.

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