Fiat reveals pricing details for the 2012 Punto

Article by Christian A., on January 30, 2012

Fiat Group Automobiles UK has revealed the pricing details for the 2012 Fiat Punto. It is set to go on sale this month in the UK. It has a starting price of only £9,990 OTR for the Pop 1.2 8-valve while it could cost as high as £15,600 OTR for the highly specified Lounge 1.3 MultiJet version, which features automatic dual zone climate control, leather steering wheel, front fog lamps, seven airbags, cruise control, ambient interior lighting and electric sunroof as standard equipment. The new Punto is initially available with a choice of six low emissions Euro 5 engines and a TwinAir version coming in April.

These all come with Start&Stop as standard. The new Punto is available in a more simplified line-up of three main levels, similar to the Fiat 500 and the upcoming new Panda – Pop (base), Easy (mid) and Lounge (high).

In addition, Fiat will offer a sports version based on the Easy level grade dubbed GBT, which will be at the forefront of the advertising campaign that’s brewing within the sports association between Fiat UK and British Cycling. The highlights for the new Punto include the inclusion of two new engines: the 85hp version of the MultiJet diesel engine and the highly praised Engine of the Year 85hp TwinAir.

The complete list includes the 1.2 8-valve petrol (69hp), 1.4 8-valve petrol (77hp), 1.4 16-valve MultiAir petrol (105hp and 135hp), TwinAir 0.9-litre petrol (85hp) and 1.3 16-valve MultiJet diesel (75hp and 85hp). The Punto range comes with external styling modifications that use fully color coded front and rear bumpers for a more stylish appearance.

Meanwhile, there are three new exterior colors presented. These are Brit Pop Blue, Tango Red and Underground Grey. For the interior, we get new sportier seat fabrics and updated dashboard inserts as well as a revised specification to offer a more defined span of choice for customers and a more focused options set.

Exterior Design

Fiat is planning on taking great strides with their redesign of the new Punto. They have overhauled the previous model’s bumper and made it so it is now the same colour as the main body and streamlined the direction indicators positioning them beside the air intakes.

The bumper now divides up the number plate from the lights to breathe some space into its exterior.

Changes to the interior include new upholstery for the seats and an enthusiastic elegance which has enhanced the dashboard.

The wheels too feature some stylistic differences and now include 15” alloy wheels which are now available in a series of colours – Blue Grey. Glam Rock Blue and Tip Top Red.

New Punto also shares some of the echoes found in the 500 such as a two cylinder engine – part of the TwinAir branding but the trim has also been modified and closer resembles its cousin. In terms of options, Fiat included a new colour to the range Energetico Green and the roof is now available in a sumptuous glossy black.

Athletic aesthetics, aerodynamic and with a refined elegance in spite of its small size are perfect descriptions for the 2012 Fiat Punto. Combining Italian style and technological achievement among its features, it comes with the Blue and Me infotainment package and the extraordinary eco:Drive system which advises the driver in real time of the constant changing nature of the drive. It makes recommendations to save fuel and bring about a reduction in the impact on the environment should they wish it.

These technological achievements are part of the 'Air Technologies' branding. This suite of information allows the driver to make the most of the driving experience but also take the pressure off when it comes to thinking about fuel economy or alternative fuel systems. Part of the technology upgrades include changes to the gearbox and the gear shift indicators, better traction controls and the Start and Stop system.

The eco:Drive programme can help correct driving patterns and make the drivers feel more at home in the Punto as well as provide the best possible drive for anyone looking to conserve fuel and reduce emissions.

This forms part of the core thinking at Fiat and how important it is to them that the vehicle their customers drive fulfils their needs as a consumer but also provides solutions for the future of driving.

Press Release

Fiat Punto 2012: the evolution of a best seller

The Punto 2012 confirms the distinctive aspects that destined the previous editions for success in all the European markets - not only is it constantly the top-selling car in Italy, but nearly 8.5 million vehicles have been produced from 1993 (the year of the first launch) until today - and intensifies the distinguished personality with an important aesthetic update, together with the new exterior colours and the seat upholsteries. Together with the aesthetic update, the two-cylinder 85 HP 875 cc TwinAir turbo engine named "International Engine of the Year 2011" and the evolution of the 85 HP 1.3 MultiJet 2 are making their debuts, making it one of the diesel cars in its segment boasting the best CO2 emissions.

Renewed style in the spirit of "elegance and dynamism"

On the outside, the Punto 2012 model presents a new front distinguished by a bumper entirely painted in the same shade as the body, with the direction indicators positioned alongside the air intake in a single perimeter that surrounds them. The bumper is incorporated and of the same body colour also at the back of the vehicle. In detail, its shape in relief describes a zone that divides the area dedicated to the number plate from that in which the auxiliary functions of the lights are positioned. Inside, brand-new fabrics upholstering the seats and original inserts of the dashboard that emphasise its stylistic elegance are evident. The new style innovations of the Punto 2012 are completed with a new design for the 15" alloy wheels and three new metallic bodywork colours: Glam Rock Blue, Tip Tap Red and Blues Grey. As for the 500 model, the TwinAir name on the Fiat Punto 2012 will indicate not only the two-cylinder engine, but also a new trim level marked by a unique and recognisable look: the availability of a dedicated colour, Energetico Green, and the exclusive glossy black roof, available as an optional.

Eco Drive: 0.9 TwinAir 85 HP for new driving pleasure

Together with the updated look the two-cylinder 85 HP 875 cc TwinAir turbo engine - named "International Engine of the Year 2011" - is making its debut. This is what confirms the model as a perfect balance between eco-friendliness (98 g/km CO2) and driving pleasure (85 HP at 5,500 rpm of power and 145 Nm at 2,000 rpm of torque). With the specific engine control calibration, this engine brings together two different operating modes that can be selected by pressing a button on the dashboard. Normal provides full engine performance to enhance driving liveliness and spirit, while Eco, which limits the torque, reduces fuel consumption to ensure a driving style that is truly eco-friendly and more economical.
Another innovation in the field of engines is the evolution of the 85 HP 1.3 MultiJet 2. By adopting two new technologies, Intelligent Alternator and Intelligent Flow, it achieves the record-breaking level of 90 g/km CO2. These technologies, together with the use of low-viscosity transmission fluid, make the Punto 2012 one of the diesel cars in its segment boasting the best CO2 emissions.

10 engines that meet all needs

The Punto 2012 continues to be a constant point of reference when it comes to engine innovation. They are increasingly lively and thrifty both with petrol (MultiAir and TwinAir) and diesel (MultiJet) supply, combining innovation with eco-friendliness every single time. Evidence of this lies in the methane or LPG engine, in addition to extending the Stop&Start with Gear Shift Indicator technology to all the Euro 5 diesel and petrol engines. This system automatically cuts out the engine and suggests the best gear in order to reduce fuel consumption and emissions by up to 15% for an urban route. This long tradition of records is reinforced today with the Punto MY 2012 following introduction of the new 85 HP TwinAir turbo engine and the evolution of the 85 HP 1.3 MultiJet engine.

The widest range in its segment

The range in Italy comprises three product lines - Comfort, Sport and Fun to Drive - each featuring a different content offer with the aim of satisfying different needs. The first line includes the Pop, Easy and Lounge trim levels, and addresses the traditional customer in a crescendo of comfort and style features. Instead, for a typically male customer looking for a car that looks distinctive and dynamic, the Sport line that includes the Racing and Sport versions has been created. In particular, the Fun to Drive line offers the exclusive TwinAir trim level dedicated to the revolutionary two-cylinder engine. It is characterised aesthetically and internally with glossy black pillars and mirror covers, special alloy wheels, 13 exterior colours, one of which is dedicated, Energetico Green, the exclusive glossy black roof option and special "Sportex" seat fabrics.

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