Fiat to introduce ‘70s-inspired Fiat 500 Colour Therapy range

Article by Anita Panait, on August 11, 2012

Fiat is launching a new design range for its Fiat 500, infused with the spirit of the 1970s. The all-new retro-chic Fiat 500 Colour Therapy range is targeted towards young and trendy buyers who are unimpressed by bland, conventional city cars. Style-conscious drivers are sure to be enticed by Fiat 500 Colour Therapy range, which mixes the latest technology and features with classic, chic, retro design and colour combos.

Buyers could choose from five statement colors: Pasodoble Red, Countrypolitan Yellow, Volare Blue, New Age Cream and Tech House Grey. The bold style of the Fiat 500 Colour Therapy range is inspired by ‘70s fashion and trends with its funky retro white detailing -- white wheel covers or alloys, old-school white mirror covers.

These detailing and a ‘pool ball’ gear will help bring back the vibrant and colorful era of the ‘70s and make the range a retro-lover’s dream. The Fiat 500 is known in the fashion world thanks to its previous trims.  Since the ‘70s style is the trend this season, the Fiat 500 Colour Therapy range has been the focus of a top London photoshoot, as conducted by fashion photographer Elisabeth Hoff.

Hoff has set out to seize the ‘70s inspired colour and design of the Fiat 500 Colour Therapy range, while reflecting its modernity and contemporary finish. Each of Hoff’s shots focuses on the ‘70s technique of ‘colour blocking’ using simplicity of multiple shades of the same colour with modern highlights. The new Fiat 500 Colour Therapy range will be rolled out this month at a starting price of £10,760.

The new Fiat 500 represents a new approach and new brand strategies. Exactly 50 years since the iconic model’s first edition was launched, the Fiat 500 accelerates into the future with several improvements.

It is easy for anyone to re-edit the Fiat 500 since its shape is already a part of the people’s collective memory. While some industrial objects, which are products of Italian post-war creativity such as the Vespa or the Fiat 500, can’t be judged solely in terms of their aesthetics and do not merely represent a good engineering exercise that serves a function, they are powerful catalysts that carry a revolutionary design and a universal concept. When it comes to such industrial objects, the result is always a masterpiece that becomes an essential part of our industrial history. One of these is the Fiat 500.

The Fiat 500’s story is one that took place twice. The first was when a large number of owners, enthusiasts and fans promoted the vehicle’s image as that of being reliable, good-quality, and economical, becoming an expression of the best part of their lives and evoking a carefree spirit. The Fiat 500 has been linked to these worry-free memories, to strong friendships, and even to first loves. It evokes a feeling of nostalgia and conjures images of a positive past.

Italian automobile designer Dante Giacosa designed the Fiat 500, which was launched in July 1957 just as the cycle of rebirth came to a close after the devastation of World War II and a time of radical renewal for Fiat’s product range was coming to an end. This paved the way for a series of successes in the next decade, an era that is later considered as one of the brightest in Fiat’s 100-year history.

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