First customers will get the Tesla Model S on June 22

Article by Christian A., on May 22, 2012

Tesla has just announced that the first Model S deliveries will begin on June 22. The American manufacturer also added that several customers will receive their cars at an invitation-only event at the Tesla factory in Fremont, California. Of course, the June release of the Tesla Model S is not a surprise as the company said that it will launch the new car earlier than expected.

The Tesla Model S is a key part of firm’s plan to reduce our dependence on oil. According to the manufacturer, 5,000 Model S cars will be delivered by the end of the year, while reservations top 10,000. The Model S has yet to receive the crash test rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration as well as the EPA rating and these factors will also boost sales.

We do hope the Tesla Model S to act different in a garage, not like the Fisker Karma. “The star rating is assigned by NHTSA after they perform their own validation test. Tesla has completed all required FMVSS tests and we believe that the performance we have observed will yield a five-star rating from NHTSA,” Tesla said in a statement.

If you are interested in buying a Tesla Model S, you have to know that the base price will be about $57,000, but the car will get a $7,500 U.S. federal tax credit.

The base version will offer a range of around 160 miles (258 km), but for an extra $10,000 you can get a Model S capable to offer a range of 230 miles (370 km). For another $10,000 you will get the Model S capable to be driven for an impressive 300 miles (483 km).

Tesla Model S, the first ever fully electric vehicle, is a breakthrough in car building. Putting together safety, performance and efficiency, it has set a new level of expectation for a 21st century auto with top ratings for the longest range an electric car can drive, safety, and technology upgrades that constantly make this sedan better.

Tesla Architecture

Built according to Tesla standards, the battery is installed on the floor and makes the Tesla Model S a stable fulcrum, immensely cutting down the risk of rollover and also developing and improving performance and handling. Without an engine run by gas, Tesla Model S has a crumple zone that is relatively bigger than other cars to fully contain the force of a strong front impact.


One of the safest cars available on the market is the Tesla Model S. A lot of its safety attributes can be credited to the electric drivetrain that is installed underneath the vehicle. Model S has a low fulcrum, cutting down rollover risk. Model S's track record in safety is sealed by its rating of 5 stars on the NHTSA and Euro NCAP together with making a mark as the car with the lowest possible risk of injury to its passengers when it was tested in the US.

With its usual active safety features like collision warning, automatic emergency braking, lane departure warning, blind spot detection and other additional optional features for convenience like autosteer, summon, autopark and traffic-aware cruise control, Tesla Model S is still the safest car anywhere.

Electric All Wheel Drive

With motors both at the rear and at the front, Tesla Model S can control torque independently and digitally to the rear and front. The output is an unremarkable traction control at all times and circumstances. Unlike traditional all-wheel drive cars that compromise fuel efficiency for improved traction, Tesla's Electric All Wheel Drive system improves efficiency.

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