Fisker CEO says that Karma sedan only shut down to protect itself in Consumer Reports’ test

Article by Christian A., on March 16, 2012

When the Karma luxury sedan being tested by Consumer Reports magazine suddenly died, its image took a beating. However, its new CEO Tom LaSorda explained through a letter that it had only shut down to protect itself and that the Karma did only what it was designed to do. Aside from apologizing for the inconvenience, LaSorda clarified that a fault was detected by the onboard diagnostics and it then activated a protection mode that shut it down to protect other parts.

Consumer Reports bought a Karma for $107,850. On March 7, Consumer Reports was putting the car through speed calibration testing when it abruptly turned off. In its blog, the magazine said that its Karma was returned with a new battery pack.

But going back to the details of the incident, the battery light on the car's dashboard lit up during the test drive. The car would then not stop and the car would not restart after it had already been parked.

The Fisker Karma received some publicity starting with last summer when Fisker Leonardo DiCaprio became the proud owner of the first Karma last summer. Earlier this month, there were numerous reports that Justin Bieber received one as a gift. But then last year, more than 200 Karmas were recalled in January due to a software issue.

In the March 13 letter, LaSorda said that he has set up a "SWAT team" of 50 engineers and other consultants to recognize any problems or other issues that Karma owners are having. He added that new software was developed and installed in a big number of cars that were being tested "round the clock."

He said that the updated software will be sent out as soon as this procedure is completed. LaSorda promised "complete peace of mind" and assured that he will be personally involved in the automaker’s initiatives. He admitted that there are times wherein technologies would require "updates and refinements.”

West Coast car authority Fisker Automotive introduces the Fisker Karma, the very first of its kind -- an Electric Vehicle with extended range (EVer).

Karma, which means pay back for good deeds in Hindi, implies that the vehicle named after it is expected to shower good vibes to the environment by being nature-friendly through its unique emissions performance and exceptional fuel consumption—way beyond the capacity of even the top cars of today.

Putting together a sleek design with a performance that can match top luxury car brands, totally zero emissions, and super low fuel consumption, the Fisker Karma is the poster boy of the brand’s dedication to making responsible luxury vehicles without compromising standards.

Expect your Fisker Karma to be available in auto casas this summer as we embrace the new technology of automobiles from a revolutionary company, creating a benchmark in modern car creation after being introduced as a mere idea in 2008 and ushering in the Premium Luxury EV section.

With the EVer’s power patterned to that of military vehicles, the Fisker Karma can push speeds from zero-to-60 mph faster than you can shift gear and step on the brakes—a stunning 5.9 seconds. And even with that capability, it returns 100 miles per gallon and has only 83 g/km of CO2 emissions annually on real-world driving.

Staying true to its promise, the Fisker Karma can operate fully on electric power through a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and can go a distance of 50 miles. After doing so, a generator with 175 kW powered by a 2.0 liter, direct-injection, turbocharged gasoline engine stretches the miles it can cover to 250 miles. The Karma’s total distance covered between refuel/recharge can extend up to 300 miles.

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