Fisker to unveil the new EMotion on August 17, 2017

Article by Christian A., on April 27, 2017

All is set for the unveiling of the comeback model for Fisker Inc., founded and led by well-known automotive designer Henrik Fisker. For those who are following Fisker’s latest and newest electric car project, the new Fisker EMotion, save this date on your calendar: August 17, 2017.

Henrik essentially announced the date for officially unveiling of the Fisker EMotion in a post in his Twitter account. In the same post, Henrik said that the new Fisker EMotion has an EV range of more than 400 miles. With this, Henrik is confirming some details of what were disclosed in October 2016. Back then, the carmaker divulged that the new Fisker EMotion will be revealed in mid-2017, with the capability go as fast as 161 mph.

The very impressive 400-plus-mile range of the new Fisker EMotion will be thanks to a new battery technology – as conceived by Fisker Nanotech and Nanotech Energy Inc. – that employs Graphene Supercapacitors. It simply means that it won’t be getting juice from a lithium-ion battery, which the current choice of energy source for existing electric vehicles.

Henrik further announced that the new Fisker EMotion will feature a structure made from a combination of carbon fiber and aluminum. With this choice of materials, Henrik says the structure of the new Fisker EMotion will be more or less 20-percent lighter than cars of comparable sizes. He also added that the new Fisker offering will have new proportions with extreme low hood.

The carmaker has already leaked some official images of the new Fisker EMotion, showing the car’s front and rear ends, and to some extent, its profile. Designed by Henrik himself, the new Fisker EMotion exudes unprecedented sportiness as well as superb technological prowess packed with plenty of emotion. Its front end is marked by an extremely low bonnet and a grille-less front fascia. Of course, a grille would be unnecessary since the EMotion is electrically powered. The front end of the new EMotion is also marked by unusually expressive boomerang-shaped headlights.

Its rear end, meanwhile, is defined by wide sculptural shoulders, lower rear diffuser, an integrated spoiler and its thin tail lights. Moreover, the new EMotion is defined by its large curved front windscreen, a number slots and ducts, its four gull-wing doors and heavily flared front and rear fenders.

The interior of the new Fisker EMotion is quite spacious, offering more rear legroom than a number of full-size luxury sedans. Thanks to the EMotion’s electric power train layout, the cabin was pushed forward. The Fisker EMotion also features a longer wheelbase with short front and rear overhangs.

According to Henrik, the new EMotion will also feature self-driving hardware, and when it becomes available, it will have a price similar to an upper grade of the Tesla Model S.

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