Rear end of Fisker EMotion electric luxury sports sedan becomes talk of the town

Article by Christian A., on December 14, 2016

Months after Fisker Inc. revealed the front end and, to some point, the profile of the new , the carmaker has now released an image of the rear end of its electric luxury sport sedan.

While the front section of the Fisker EMotion is a pure expression of technological aggressiveness, the rear end of this electric luxury sedan is a manifestation of sporty elegance. Its sportiness comes with the systemic curves as well as wide sculptural shoulders. This sense of athleticism is evident in the EMotion’s lower rear diffuser and integrated spoiler that should help this luxury sport sedan with regards to aerodynamics. One very interesting feature of EMotion’s rear end is its thin tail lights.

As designed by Fisker Inc. founder and car designer Henrik Fisker, the new Fisker EMotion doesn’t just exude unprecedented sportiness. That’s because it delivers an incredible technological prowess that’s packed with – just like its name suggests – plenty of emotion. Its front end features an extremely low bonnet – for aerodynamic enhancement – and a grille-less front fascia that seems like it came from the future. Of course, there would be no need for such a grille since the Fisker EMotion is electrically powered and thus features no conventional engine. Adding to the emotional nature of the Fisker EMotion is the unusually expressive boomerang-shaped headlamp unit that makes it seem that the electric luxury sports sedan is ready to jump into action anytime it is required to.

Not to be ignored about the exterior design of EMotion are elements like its large curved front windscreen, heavily flared front and rear fenders, an array of slots and ducts as well as its four gull-wing doors. The electric luxury sport sedan will be housed in a structure made from carbon fiber, aluminum and composite materials. It can’t be helped that the EMotion would be compared to the Fisker Karma. While they are both designed by Henrik Fisker, there are quite a number of glaring differences between the two electric models. The EMotion would be a runaway winner should people be made to pick between the two models.

Inside, the new Fisker EMotion boasts of generous interior space and more rear legroom than several full-size luxury sedans. Fisker was able to push the cabin forward thanks to the EMotion’s electric power train layout. In addition, the new Fisker EMotion sits on a longer wheelbase with short front and rear overhangs.

While Fisker has yet to release details about the EMotion’s electric powertrain, the company said that its power will be derived from battery packs that employ grapheme technology as produced by Fisker Nanotech, which is a joint venture between Fisker and Nanotech Energy Inc. The new Fisker EMotion will have the ability to go as fast as 161 mph (260 km/h) and travel as far as 400 miles (640 km).

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