Newport Convertible Engineering creates soft-top version of Ford F-150

Article by Christian A., on February 2, 2017

Many people prefer pickup trucks for a variety of reasons, even though they are more of a fuel guzzler than cars. These reasons include practicality, power, off-road capability and solidity. However, if there is something that you would find on cars but might not on trucks, it is the possibility of open-top driving.

But what if you could have convertible version of a pickup truck? That would be very nice. If you’re one of those raring to drive a convertible pickup truck, you belong to a market niche that remains untapped until now. However, a specialized company – named Newport Convertible Engineering (NCE) – has been trying to cater to customized convertible since 1983. Just recently, NCE unveiled its latest convertible transformation project – a Ford F-150 Convertible.

No, NCE’s Ford F-150 Convertible is not a visual rendering. Nowadays, a number of skillful visual artists have managed to create renderings of possible yet non-existent versions of different vehicles. But what has been created remains on the software or on the paper and no actual vehicle is made. But in case of NCE, it has actually created a real-world Ford F-150 Convertible.

To prove its case, NCE produced and uploaded a short video clip – running for two minutes and 41 seconds – that shows the Ford F-150 Convertible and its folding soft-top functions. The video clip starts off with the soft-top fully deployed over the two front and rear cabins. The driver then presses a button on top on the windshield (the place where the rear-view mirror is usually mounted) and the soft top starts folding itself to the back of rear seats. The clip would then go on showing the different angles of the Ford F-150 Convertible. Finally, the driver presses again the same button, and the soft top again opens and deploys to its full crowning glory.

The closing and opening of the soft-top is pretty fast in NCE’s Ford F-150 Convertible. However, NCE didn’t disclose the max speed up to which the soft top could be effectively employed or deployed.

One of the notable things about the Ford F-150 Convertible by NCE is the fact that a middle pillar or a roll bar is visible even after the soft top is already folded down behind the rear seats. This roll bar might have been placed to improve the structure of the Ford F-150 Convertible and increase torsional rigidity. This way, the Ford F-150 remains safe and solid even though its hard top has been removed.

If you have some doubts about NCE’s capability, you could take note that the company has been making convertible versions of vehicles from carmakers like Rolls Royce, Mercedes-Benz, Cadillac, Ford, Honda, Jaguar, Lexus, Nissan, Toyota and even Tesla -- for around 34 years.

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