Ford Fiesta is Europe’s best selling car for the first quarter 2011

Article by Christian A., on April 20, 2011

In the first quarter of 2011, Ford was at the top of the sale race in Europe with its small car, the Fiesta. So far in 2011, Ford has sold 101,859 Fiestas. Of this figure, 50,534 units were sold in March. JATO Dynamics compiled these performance figures for the Fiesta. Ford was also determined to be the No. 2 topselling brand in Europe for the first quarter of the year.

Roelant de Waard, vice president, Marketing, Sales and Service, Ford of Europe, said that the company is “pleased” with the success of the Fiesta. He said that the Fiesta doesn’t only represent its highest volume model in Europe. Throughout the globe, the Fiesta has been met with much acclaim.

“We are pleased about the Fiesta's continued success, not only because it's our highest volume model in Europe, but also because it is now being produced and sold around the world to great acclaim," said Roelant de Waard, vice president, Marketing, Sales and Service, Ford of Europe. "And, with the all-new Ford Focus and the new C-MAX models – both just launched and already enjoying a strong sales momentum – Ford is further strengthening what is already an industry-leading product line-up in Europe."

Group vice president for global product development Derrick Kuzak shared that the Ford Fiesta was not only developed for customers but in fact developed with them. Customers around the world want a vehicle that offers efficient use of space, has improved fuel economy, and delivers spirited performance, all of which the Ford Fiestas manages to satisfy, he added.

Due to the Fiesta Movement program, the Ford Fiesta enters the North American market with strong consumer awareness. Around 100 social media experts narrated their personal experience in driving the Fiesta on the roads in the U.S. Overall, YouTube video views amounted to 5.5 million with Flickr views coming in at 675,000. Even when the vehicle is not moving, the use of a kinetic design brings with it a sense of movement. This same design manages to create harmony between the different character elements and therefore is able to show the Ford identity known around the world.

In addition, it also allows the Ford Fiesta to project its very own feeling of confidence, individuality, and style. The demographic targeted by the Fiesta is composed of the young ones with a more "design progressive" mind-set. These are the same group who highly values both diversity and style. Ford Fiesta design manager Kevin George revealed that these potential customers are influential and are able to easily connect with the brand’s 'energy in motion' design philosophy, considering that it symbolizes their own lifestyle and personal outlook in life.

On the front, the Fiesta continues to carry the brand’s global face. On the center of its grille is the Blue Oval badge and below it is the lower grille opening in its trademark inverted trapezoid. All of these subtle clues create the familiarity across the brand’s portfolio and offer the visual link between the Fiesta, the midsize and fuel-efficient Fusion, and the new Taurus.

By putting in the elongated and sweeping headlamps, eyes are added to its face. It also connects the sculpted front fenders to the hood. The Fiesta is being offered in either the four-door sedan body variant or the five-door hatchback. Either choice though offers enough space not just for the driver and the passengers but for their equipment as well. On the rear portion meanwhile is where the various design elements start to merge.

Examples of these are low rooflines that sweep to the spoiler and the chamfered rear liftgate glass. Then there are the taillamps that have been mounted on the vehicle’s corners and have a honeycomb appearance. Since its quarter panels in the rear are muscular and have been wrapped tightly, it attracts attention to the wheels and its confident stance.

The design of the Fiesta is improved by offering a choice of new bright colors that include Blue Flame, Lime Squeeze, and even Bright Magenta. This wide-ranging color choice exhibits the vibrant individuality of the vehicle and is more than what is offered by rivals. If the Fiesta is dramatic on the outside, this is the same for the interior. With drivers having their own personality, the use of contrasting colors, supportive and comfortable materials, and sculpted surfaces complement this very notion.

The main focus of the Fiesta’s interior is on the instrument panel centerstack, which is intended to be as familiar and useful as the keypad seen on a mobile phone. For the Fiesta’s version that will be released on the North American market, the first row has the bucket seats while the second-row seats allow for a 60/40 split. The seats can be covered in either leather or cloth, which will depend on the level of the trim, but will continue to have the individuality, style, and comfort that customers expect.

Meanwhile, the high series Fiesta will offer leather with a color piping highlight. Once the sale of the Fiesta officially starts by 2010 in North America, the brand expects that it will offer the best fuel economy and a great appearance as compared to other vehicles in the same class. Two body styles will be made available for the 2011 Fiesta -- the four-door version and the five-door variant. It also sets a new standard for a small car when it comes to powertrain technology, connectivity, and safety. In addition to offering customers in North America a choice of 15 technologies exclusive to this class, it is estimated that the Fiesta will have a 40 mpg highway fuel economy.

This means that it can beat even the Toyota Corolla, Toyota Yaris, Nissan Versa, and Honda Fit. Ford president of The Americas Mark Fields shared that many customers today are savvy and not only want vehicles that offer great fuel economy, but also those that deliver a fun driving experience, equipped with the latest technologies, and display high quality.

With the Fiesta, he added, the brand hopes that it will be able to address all these concerns. Finally, by offering the Fiesta in the North American market, Fields continued, Ford believes that it will set new benchmarks for small cars. The brand has long been designing and developing vehicles under its ONE Ford plan. This is the program where the company intends its vehicles to meet the different expectations, needs, and wants of the many customers worldwide.

The Ford Fiesta is the latest milestone under this plan. Prior to entering the North American market, at least 500,000 units of the Fiesta have already been sold to the Asian and European markets. Prior to the development of the Fiesta, the company first conducted extensive research on customers around the world. The results of the study revealed that for many customers, the top concern on their lists was style. Whether it’s Europe, the Asia Pacific Region, or North America, customers wanted a small car that came with a unique design and that delivers connectivity, comfort, convenience, and most importantly, world-class quality.

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