Ford unveils new 2016 Taurus sedan targeted at Chinese market

Article by Christian A., on April 21, 2015

Ford is targeting the Chinese market as it launches a new premium sedan – the new Ford Taurus – in Shanghai. This marks the first time that the Taurus nameplate will be available in China. The Taurus was conceptualized by Ford’s global design and development resources.

During the early phases of the design process, engineers and designers around the globe worked hard to have a better understanding of the Chinese market and the major cultural aspects that affect their vehicle preferences.

The outstanding new vehicle is the product of the in-depth study of the target buyers -- the successful professionals who are well-respected in their industry. The research aided to fine-tune design and engineering targets. Ford designers built the Taurus to have an exterior that expresses confidence, harmony, and balance.

There’s a clipped trapezoidal five-bar grille at the front of the vehicle that looks like a shield. It has been placed in a prominent position and on its side we see slim, modern headlamps with signature daytime running lights that boast of LED projector lamp technology. The supplemental LED driving lights are housed inside chrome rings.

The Taurus’ silhouette expresses harmony and solidity with its strong hood profile and planted architecture. The exterior has delicate details on its sides. Designers gave the doors an upswept highlight trim. The vehicle’s stance is definitely premium and bold, accentuated by a set of polished 19-inch 10-spoke alloy wheels.

There are multi-piece LED tail lights at the back of the vehicle that have a unique signature look. The vehicle’s width is emphasized by a bright chrome bar that connects the tail lights, adding to a sense of subtle athleticism. The use of integrated chrome exhaust tips at the rear hints at its performance prowess.

The cabin is clean, modern, and gives an airy, roomy feel from the use of smart design and bold horizontal features. These give the interior a further sense of balance and harmony. More natural light can enter the cabin from a full panoramic sunroof, adding to a sense of elegance and openness. The cabin is especially spacious as the designers made full use of the Taurus’ length of five meters and wheelbase that measures 2.95 meters.

As a result, the second-row legroom is generous. The same is true for the hip and shoulder room. Much effort and planning were put in by designers and engineers to increase the interior space. For instance, the front panel of the panoramic sunroof can slide back over the rear panel instead of under it, guaranteeing maximum rear headroom.

Over 25 intelligent stowage spaces were positioned throughout the cabin. One detail that may catch the attention of potential customers are the cup holders that can hold tea bottles in different sizes. The second row is designed to be very comfortable based on the fact that oftentimes, the owner of the premium vehicle is a passenger instead of the driver.

For the first time ever in a Ford vehicle in China, it comes with power-reclining rear seats with optional adjustable lumbar support and a massage function. Both rear passengers get business-class comfort and will surely arrive at their destination fully refreshed. A rear-seat control panel is revealed after folding down the center seat cushion, which is friction-hinged to offer a premium feel.

This panel houses the controls for air conditioning, seat functions and car media. By folding this up, three rear passengers can comfortably fit with a 40/20/40 rear-seat layout. The cabin used materials that enhance comfort and show off uncompromised quality. Soft yet durable materials were used for the surfaces. For example, the seats are covered with supple leather.

The Taurus is equipped with Ford’s new world-class high-output, twin-turbo 2.7-liter EcoBoost V6 engine, to match its power with its elegant looks. This engine comes in a more powerful, smarter package. With its use of lightweight materials and advanced controls, the engine sets a new standard for power density and efficiency.

Ford’s newly opened Changan Ford Hangzhou Plant will produce the Ford Taurus. This plant was built as part of a US$760 million investment. It is the sixth assembly plant that builds Ford vehicles in China. Only the latest manufacturing technologies are used in this very efficient facility. Via its flexible production line, the plant can built as many as 250,000 units a year.

Press Release

Ford Taurus China-spec

Introducing a new premium sedan for discerning Chinese business customers, Ford unveiled the new Ford Taurus at a special event in Shanghai. Designed especially to meet the needs of the Chinese market, the vehicle brings the historic Taurus nameplate to China for the first time.

"The Ford Taurus we're introducing today shows the amazing strength and flexibility of our One Ford plan," said John Lawler, chairman and CEO, Ford China. "It combines the best of our global product development and large-car expertise with a clear understanding of what Chinese customers in this segment want."

Ford made full use of its global design and development resources to create the Taurus. Early in the design process, designers and engineers from around the world immersed themselves in China to gain a deeper understanding of the market and key cultural factors influencing design and vehicle preferences. In-depth research of target customers - accomplished, respected professionals - helped to fine-tune design and engineering targets to create an exceptional new vehicle.

"The Ford Taurus was created for highly sophisticated consumers in China who need an equally sophisticated vehicle for both business and personal use," said Marin Burela, president, Changan Ford Automobile Co. "With a powerful, confident and inviting design, a spacious and elegant interior, impeccable craftsmanship, compelling performance and advanced technology, the Ford Taurus makes no compromises as an innovative flagship sedan."

In creating the new Taurus, Ford designers crafted an exterior conveying balance, harmony and a sense of confidence.

At the front of the vehicle, a shield-like, clipped trapezoidal five-bar grille is positioned prominently and flanked by slender, modern headlamps with signature daytime running lights and LED projector lamp technology. Chrome rings house supplemental LED driving lights.

In silhouette, a powerful hood profile and planted architecture give the Taurus a sense of solidity and harmony. Designers elevated the exterior with fine details on the sides, including upswept highlight trim on the doors. Polished 19-inch 10-spoke alloy wheels help to give a bold and premium stance.

At the rear of the vehicle, multi-piece LED tail lights incorporate a distinctive signature appearance. A bright chrome bar connecting the tail lights highlights the vehicle's width for a sense of understated athleticism. Integrated chrome exhaust tips complete the rear and offer another discreet hint at performance.

"We wanted to create a vehicle that displays a maturity of design with balanced and harmonious proportions, tailored to the business customer in China," said Todd Willing, Asia Pacific Design Director and exterior designer for the Ford Taurus. "Our aim was to create a vehicle that is elegant, inviting and quietly confident."

The sense of balance and harmony continues inside with a clean, modern cabin that makes use of smart design and strong horizontal elements for an airy, spacious feel. Above the passengers, a full panoramic sunroof allows more natural light to enter the cabin and adds to a sense of elegance and openness.

The spacious feel is justified by an exceptionally roomy cabin, which takes full advantage of the vehicle's five-meter length and 2.95-meter wheelbase for abundant second-row legroom, and generous shoulder and hip room. Designers and engineers went to great lengths to package features in a way that prioritized interior space. The front panel of the panoramic sunroof, for example, slides back over the rear panel rather than under it, ensuring maximum rear headroom.

Making full use of the car's interior space, designers and engineers placed more than 25 intelligent stowage spaces throughout the cabin. Cup holders designed to securely hold different-sized tea bottles are just one thoughtful detail implemented to meet the needs of consumers. Reflecting the importance of second-row passengers in China - where the owner of a premium vehicle is often a passenger rather than a driver - the second row has been designed with an emphasis on comfort.

In a first for a Ford vehicle in China, the Taurus has power-reclining rear seats with optional adjustable lumbar support and a massage function, helping both rear passengers arrive refreshed at their destination in business-class comfort. Folding down the center seat cushion - friction-hinged for a premium feel - reveals a rear-seat control panel for air conditioning, seat functions and car media. Folding it up allows the vehicle to comfortably accommodate three rear passengers with a 40/20/40 rear-seat layout.

Materials used throughout the cabin reinforce the feeling of comfort and exceptional, uncompromised quality. Ford designers appointed surfaces with soft but durable materials - such as supple leather for the seats - that recall a pair of tailored gloves or a fine wool suit.

These materials are accented by bright chrome finishes for an extra layer of detail and a sense of prestige. The careful application of wood elements adds natural warmth and strength, and underscores the fine craftsmanship of the interior. Extensive use of sound-deadening materials, advanced technologies and precise engineering ensure that whether in the front or rear seats, all occupants are treated to an exceptionally quiet cabin matched by a smooth and comfortable ride.

Powered by Ford's new high-output, twin-turbo 2.7-liter EcoBoost V6 engine, the Taurus has the effortless power to match its elegant appearance. Drawing from the best of the Ford EcoBoost engine family, this new world-class engine delivers power in a stronger, smarter package. Lightweight materials and advanced controls help the engine to set a new standard for power density and efficiency.

"Beautiful design, craftsmanship, refinement, comfort and power help the Taurus to rise above the typical large sedan, but they are only part of the story," said Burela. "We look forward to sharing more about our new premium business sedan over the months ahead."

The Ford Taurus will be manufactured at the recently opened Changan Ford Hangzhou Plant. Representing a US$760 million investment, the plant is the sixth assembly plant producing Ford vehicles in China. The highly efficient facility uses Ford's latest manufacturing technologies and is capable of producing up to 250,000 vehicles a year on a flexible production line.

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