Ford uses funny TV ads for C-Max Hybrid in attempt to beat Toyota Prius

Article by Anita Panait, on October 8, 2012

Ford Motor Co. knows that challenging the current king of the hybrid world, the Toyota Prius, needs a stand-out marketing and advertising effort. That is why it wanted to portray its contender, the Ford C-Max Hybrid as the better hybrid vehicle than the Toyota Prius. However, it would be harder to convince less-serious hybrid enthusiasts to shift allegiances from the Prius to the C-Max Hybrid if it employs thought-provoking comparison ads.

This setting has led Ford and its Team Detroit ad agency to create playful ads designed to persuade buyers that the C-Max Hybrid is much better than the Prius. So Ford revived a 1970s Italian animated children's series called "La Linea." The La Linea ads feature white-line silhouettes of the C-Max and Prius against a blue background along with the nameless and speechless La Linea character.

The amusing television ads, which made its debut in CNN, shows the C-Max silhouette speeding past the Prius V while a voice says: "C-Max has lots more horsepower than the Prius V, a hybrid that C-Max also bests in mpg."

Ford’s marketing campaign also made use of late-night comedy in three online videos dubbed "The Hybrid Games," which have the C-Max vs. the Prius in a number of sporting contests like "the Semi Pass," "the Freeway On-Ramp," and "the MPG Challenge."

Also starring are two very nerdy faux sports announcers named Bob and Roger. Roger is a mellow person who says it is Ok to chill when he gets stuck behind a semi truck on the road. In contrast, Bob gets angry when in a similar situation.

Assembled and developed in Michigan, Ford equips the C-MAX Hybrid and C-MAX Energi with new and innovative lithium-ion battery packs. Each battery system is created intelligently to enhance the utilization of standard, top-quality parts, including the control board hardware which has always improved the field performance of the cutting-edge hybrid cars made by Ford.

Li-ion battery systems provide several benefits compared to the NiMH (nickel-metal-hydride) batteries used presently in other hybrid cars. Generally, Li-ion batteries are up to 30% more compact and 50% lighter, thus making them easier to install in a car. They can also be modified to enhance energy for extended drives and to increase power for greater acceleration.

The Ford C-MAX will function and work similarly to the current models of hybrid cars. However, the C-MAX Energi benefits greatly from everyday charging in order to make the most of its all-electric range. With its compact battery pack, the plug-in car can be fully recharged on a standard 120V outlet overnight.

A 100% charge in C-MAX Energi provides owners an opportunity to maximize their driving switching to all-electric mode, thus significantly decreasing the consumption of fuel engine on board.

At the start, the Ford C-MAX Energi operates in charge-depletion functionality, thus offering an electric driving range. When battery energy is drained or when specific conditions are achieved, the car switches to hybrid mode to sustain the charge and to maintain its optimum fuel economy.

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