G-Power X6 Typhoon RS Ultimate V10 based on the BMW X6 M

Article by Christian A., on August 27, 2010

G-Power, a German tuning firm, claims to soon offer the world's fastest SUV, with the BMW X6 M as its base. This model already delivers 555hp but G-Power wants it to have higher output.

The tuning firm plans to launch a 900 hp SUV that be able to surpass the 205 mph (330 km/h) mark, hit 62mph (100 km/h) in 4.2 seconds and go pass the 124 mph (200 km/h) mark in 13 seconds. 

The vehicle is dubbed as the G Power Typhoon X6 M and will have standard 4.4 liter turbocharged engine replaced with the M5's 5.0 liter V10 engine, which has been given a 5.5 liter capacity. 

The powerplant gets twin ASA T1-316 compressors (taken from the G-POWER M5 HURRICANE world-record sedan), a double-floe, water-cooled intercooler, and an aluminum casting air box.

Its internals are also upgraded and will get MAHLE forged pistons. G-Power claims that its revised vehicle will offer 900 HP at 8.000 rpm and 870 Nm of torque at 6.800 rpm. It also gives the vehicle a forged, seven bearing crankshaft, a six speed gearbox that's developed in-house, with the BMW xDrive four wheel drive system being sacrificed.

To be able to cope with the power, the vehicle is installed with a modified suspension system, as well as with a carbon ceramic braking system using 410mm rotors and six piston calipers. This reduces weight as well as gives top stopping power.

Only five G-Power X6 Typhoon RS ultimate V10s will be made, making this high-powered SUV one of the most exclusive units. To allow this BMW X6 M-based vehicle to be as fast and as safe as possible, ample downforce is needed.

This is attributed to uniquely shaped front and rear skirts and spoilers, all trimmed to pave way for optimal aerodynamic efficiency. G-Power wings on the front and the rear hug the SUV's three-part 23-inch G-Power Silverstone RS forged wheels -- 11Jx23 at the front and 12Jx23 at the back.

These wheels are wrapped in 315/25 ZR 23 high-performance tires from MICHELIN, thereby providing optimum traction and sports car handling. Taking care of braking is a high-tech brake system -- with 410 mm carbon-ceramic brake disks and six-piston calipers – that makes the G-Power X6 Typhoon RS ultimate V10 decelerate better than Earth’s gravity.

Moreover, this system is around 50 lighter than a standard brake system. Of course, the effort to make the G-Power X6 Typhoon RS ultimate V10 much lighter than the BMW X6 M does not end there. G-Power also ended up reducing the weight of the interior.

For instance, G-Power equipped the X6 Typhoon RS ultimate V10 with four ultra-light carbon individual seats. G-Power also got rid of the heavy xDrive all-wheel drive system and used titanium for the exhaust system. After completing the weight reduction program, the G-Power X6 Typhoon RS ultimate V10 is now around 150 kg lighter than the standard version.

Getting rid of the "weight," however, does not mean G-Power has sacrificed passenger comfort. G-Power made sure that the cockpit contains lavish elements like hand-finished interior fittings while the entire vehicle interior features leather on a carbon structure.

Accentuating the design of the interior are two-colored seams that tie in the leather on seats, interior door panels and instrument panel. They are also found on the A, B and C pillars. Door linings – made of leather and carbon manufactured in "CSL light-weight" – blend seamlessly with the new central console that is also made of carbon.

This central console, which continues to the front seats, houses the SUV's high-end entertainment system. Moreover, the interior of the G-Power X6 Typhoon RS ultimate V10 comes with an ergonomic G-Power sports steering wheel as well as a tachometer that could track speeds of up to 400 km/h.

Interested buyers could order the G-Power X6 Typhoon RS ultimate V10, as a completely finished vehicle, from the G-Power facility in Autenzell.

Press Release

G-Power X6 Typhoon RS Ultimate V10

With 900 HP and a top speed of more than 330 km/h, G-POWER is building the world’s fastest SUV based on the BMW X6 M in a limited edition of 5 units. With the G-POWER X6 TYPHOON RS ultimate V10, G-POWER once again presents an automobile that can only be described with superlatives. The standard X6 M with its twin turbo-charged engine is already powered by an impressive power unit, but the standard BMW engine has not been capable of arousing emotions to the same way as the original M-POWER engine has been able to up to now. For this reason the engineers at G-POWER decided to fit the X6 M with the breath-taking performance of Formula 1 technology.

An appropriate powertrain to suit G-POWER’s philosophy was quickly found. A high-revving engine with direct throttle response is now showing a character which the 5.0 l V10 power unit produced by M GmbH inherited at birth. "The intention behind the G-POWER X6 TYPHOON RS ultimate V10 is, besides the aim of building the world’s fastest SUV, to create a vehicle to do homage to M GmbH’s fascinating V10 power unit", according to G-POWER’s Managing Directors Christian Stöber and Zoran Zorneke talking about the ultimate X6 M’s technical specification.

As with all the elaborately hand-built vehicles from the G-POWER manufactory, 100% orientation towards customer requirements as regards the interior finish and instrumentation and the strict limit on the numbers of each Edition is the key of the company’s thinking. The circle of clients among whom the G-POWER X6 TYPHOON RS ultimate V10 has been publicised clearly aims at solvent fans of the famous power unit which unfortunately will no longer be available in the foreseeable future. In keeping with the dynamic presence of the TYPHOON RS wide-body kit, the G-POWER X6 TYPHOON RS ultimate V10 with its superlative power unit is the focus of everybody´s attention.

To achieve this as a first step the 5.0 l power unit was transplanted and comprehensively modified. The objective of the engine development at G-POWER was to bring out the best of the BMW Formula 1 characteristics hidden in the genes of the V10 power unit. The result was an engine without any equal in the world. Revving high, immediate throttle response and an explosive power output create a sensation of acceleration which otherwise only pure racing engines can achieve. In addition, the G-POWER BI-compressor system (taken from the G-POWER M5 HURRICANE RR world-record vehicle) was developed one stage further and at the same time the cubic capacity of the BMW V10 power unit was increased from 5.0 to 5.5 litres. This means more space for the supercharged air from the twin ASA T1-316 compressors which will be cooled to optimum performance temperatures by the double-flow, water-cooled intercooler.

This complicated aluminium casting replaces the standard air box on top of the engine, and its direct inlet is responsible for the spontaneous response characteristics which give the G-POWER motor its incomparable "Race Feeling". The inner workings of the 10-cylinder, four-valve engine are optimised by light, precisely balanced MAHLE high-performance forged pistons with lower compression and increased mechanical strength. As the standard connecting rods and piston pins were equally not up to the considerably increased forces, here too, recourse was had to special parts. The forged, 7-bearing crank shaft is also a custom-made part which boosts the cubic capacity by 10% from 5.0 up to 5.5 litres.

An optimised data map for the engine electronics rounds off the extensive modifications made to the V10 power train. The result is a peak performance of 900 HP / 662 kW at 8.000 rpm and a maximum torque of 870 Nm at 6.800 revs. This enormous power output is transmitted by a six-speed gearbox built by G-POWER to the rear axle. The automatic gearbox fitted as standard, just like the standard BMW xDrive all-wheel drive system, have been sacrificed to the G-POWER engineers’ objective of creating a pure-bred sports car in SUV clothing.

Powered like that it is an easy job for the G-POWER X6 TYPHOON RS ultimate V10 to claim the title of the fastest SUV in the world:The sprint to 100 km/h takes a mere 4.2 seconds. In less than 13.0 seconds this exceptional SUV is already up to 200. The top speed is over 330 km/h. So that the future owner of one of only 5 G-POWER X6 TYPHOON RS ultimate V10s available in the world can enjoy the fastest speed achievable with an SUV in complete safety, distinctively shaped skirts and spoilers, front and rear, trimmed for maximum aerodynamic efficiency provide the necessary downforce.

The elegantly curved G-POWER wings on the front and the rear make room for the 3-part 23" G-POWER SILVERSTONE RS forged wheels: 11Jx23 at the front and 12Jx23 at the back. 315/25 ZR 23 high-performance tyres all round from the development associate MICHELIN ensure optimum traction and sports car handling. Bringing the G-POWER X6 TYPHOON RS ultimate V10 from its top speed back to zero is the job of a high-tech brake system equipped with 410 mm carbon-ceramic brake disks and 6-piston callipers.

This system allows a deceleration better than Earth’s gravity while at the same time this system gives a weight savings of 50% compared with a standard brake system. In the vehicle interior, the weight reduction demanded by the sports car concept is continued. After getting rid of the heavy xDrive all-wheel drive and making use of titanium as the material for the exhaust system, the four ultra-light carbon individual seats in the vehicle interior complete the weight reduction programme.

Overall is the car ca. 150 kg lighter than the standard version. However, such asceticism does not mean that comfort has to be sacrificed. The work lavished on the cockpit is no less than that on body and engine and with hand-finished interior fittings underlines this automobile’s distinguished position. To this end the entire vehicle interior is fashioned in leather on a carbon structure. The style defined by the 4 carbon individual seats is emphasised by 2-coloured seams which tie in the leather on seats, instrument panel, interior door panels and last but not least on the A, B and C pillars.

Door linings in leather and carbon manufactured in "CSL light-weight" harmonise perfectly with the new central console, equally made of carbon, which stretches up to the front seats and which encloses the high-end entertainment system. A tachometer reading up to 400 km/h, as well as the ergonomically shaped G-POWER sports steering wheel complete the G-POWER X6’s interior. The G-POWER X6 TYPHOON RS ultimate V10 can be ordered as a completely finished vehicle from the G-POWER manufactory in Autenzell. The edition is limited to 5 vehicles worldwide.

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