GM CEO Dan Akerson wants to increase Chevy Volt monthly sales to 3,000

Article by Christian A., on April 6, 2012

Chevrolet Volt production resumed a week earlier than scheduled on April 16 rather than on April 23 as previously announced. General Motors Co. has said that it is targeting an increase of over 30% of this $39,000 electric car in the coming months. In March 2012 in the U.S., 2,289 Volts were sold. This is better than its previous best month last December, which is when 1,529 cars were sent.

The decline in sales is attributed to the federal safety investigation that later necessitated a congressional hearing. In an interview on Bloomberg Radio's "A Closer Look With Arthur Levitt" set to be broadcast this May, CEO Dan Akerson said that it appears like the company has sustained itself past this challenging period.

He said that the company is now positioning itself to sell more than 3,000 units monthly for the rest of the year. Sales of the Volt declined after a U.S. probe into the car’s safety was divulged last November. The investigation was later shut down by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in January, saying the Volt or other electric vehicles don’t offer more of a fire risk than other cars.

It’s not surprising that the Volt and its sales figures are frequently being debated in the government. The U.S. government still owns 32% of GM. Initially, the scheduled halt of plant production was March 19 through April 23. Lee said that its workers are being called a week earlier because of the rising Volt sales since January. He also talked about the need to cope with demand in its dominant markets such as California.

To make sure that the Volt would have a form that would allow it be Chevrolet’s most aerodynamic vehicle to date, both the design team and the engineering team worked together with the aerodynamic experts at GM using the company’s wind tunnel. In order to make this possible, the teams knew that they had to lower the amount of energy required to overcome air resistance.

The result is an electric range estimated at 8 miles with an additional range of 50 miles. However, the electric-powered capabilities offered by the Volt can best be seen through its performance-oriented, smooth, and bold stance. This is owed to a number of factors like the sculpted belt line and the wheels-out stance. There is also the wheelbase which measures 105.7 inches (2,685 mm) and the tracks now made wider with the front measuring 61.2 inches (1,556 mm) and the rear having a measurement of 62.1 inches (1,578 mm).

Of course, the premium execution played a significant role as well. Looking at the front region of the Volt, the front fascia is flush and rounded. Combined with the grille and the narrow corners, it allows the air to go around the Volt and thus lowers the drag. On its rear section, the air flow is managed through the spoiler that has been well-designed plus the sharp edges.

The Volt is able to offer lower drag and turbulence through a combination of the back glass and the windshield and its rather aggressive rake. Compared to other models in the same segment, the element-to-element gap on both the exterior and interior, and even the flush relationships, is one of the best. Still on the design, Chevrolet made sure to take the underhood compartment into consideration.

Indeed, each part of the Volt was made under the highest of standards so that each one is able to harmonize with the other parts of the vehicle, especially those with the same colors and surfaces. Director of Design Bob Boniface shared that being a revolutionary car, the Volt was designed to declare a statement that was as dynamic as it is smooth. He added that the Volt shows that the execution is both refined and technical. There are also a number of interrelating surfaces in order to have creases and edges that are crisp and clean, concluded Boniface.

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