GM sales show a 12% increase in March

Article by Christian A., on April 4, 2012

General Motors sold 231,052 units in March in the U.S., standing for a 12% increase over the strong demand for fuel-efficient cars and crossovers. Most of the increase had come from Chevrolet, which posted a 17% hike in sales, to 173,073 units. GMC sales increased by 12%, with 34,337 units sold.

Meanwhile, Buick sales declined by 16% to 13,105 units and Cadillac sales had fallen by 13% to 10,537 units. Through the first quarter, GM’s sales rose 3% to 608,320 units for the four brands. But then, retail sales fell by 1% in the first quarter. Amid the increase in gasoline prices, GM had strong car sales in March, with a 22% increase compared to March 2011.

In a press release, GM said that in March, it posted a record 100,000 units sold of vehicles that meet an EPA-estimated 30 mpg on the highway. GM said that this is the highest of any month.

Don Johnson, GM’s vice president of U.S. sales, released a statement that sales have been boosted for over a year because of the revival of the economy as well as the release of fuel-efficient cars and crossovers. Since the subcompact Chevy Sonic was launched in August 2011, it has been steadily increasing and was actually able to sell 8,251 units last month.

According to GM officials, about 60% of those who buy a Sonic model are new to GM. Models that are powered by four-cylinder engines made up 42% of GM’s U.S. sales mix last month -- its highest ever. Chevrolet was also able to set a monthly record for the sales of its plug-in hybrid Chevrolet Volt in March, with 2,289 units sold.

This is a 50% increase over the previous record that it had set in December 2011. Fleet sales made up 7% of GM’s Volt sales in March. Meanwhile, sales of the full-sized pickups increased by 14%.

No matter where one looks, both the five-door model of the Chevrolet Sonic and the sedan version are able to show not only refinement but also stability and strength. The wheels placed at the vehicle’s corners plus the planted and wide stance give a hint as to the performance it can offer. Through the use of raked body lines, the Sonic is able to give an impression of movement despite not moving at all. The design cues the brand is known for are still there like the round tail lamps and the dual-element grille.

Combined with the more aggressive cues like the round headlamps, which are clearly motorcycle-inspired, and the fender flares, making the Sonic immediately identifiable as a Chevrolet. In addition, just on top of the headlamps is a character line which is formed by the hood’s leading edge. This same character line goes to the smooth side profile as is distinguished mainly by the low roofline, high beltline, and continuous side lines.

With the side mirrors having the same shape as that of the model itself, it has the sense of appearing to disappear to the profile. As part of Chevrolet’s lineup, the Sonic has long been known to have quality and that extra attention to detail. The honeycomb grille insert in matter black and the grille surrounds in chrome help strengthen these qualities.

By making available a wide range of large wheel sizes, like for instance the alloy 17-inch units, it helps highlight the already athletic appearance of the Sonic. Despite the similarities, there remains qualities that make the five-door version and the sedan model different. The sedan for instance has a profile that is similar to a notchback and thus give it a more mature and luxurious presence.

Meanwhile the five-door model comes with the diving and aggressive feature lines with a two-box shape. In addition, the five-door model has its door handles in the rear being subtly placed in the five-door model’s C-pillar region, thus making this version have a look much like the three-door hatchback. Further, the rear section continues to show a number of exceptional details like the exposed tail lamps.

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