GMC to get a truck based on unshared platform

Article by Anita Panait, on January 22, 2014

GMC will soon be getting one truck that doesn’t share a platform with its cousins at Chevrolet. Currently, GMC and Chevrolet trucks are underpinned by same or similar platforms, even while the former is overhauling its lineup. Responding on the question whether the market would someday see a non-Chevrolet GMC vehicle, GM global product chief answered: "Oh, yes, you will."

While he declined to provide details on the vehicle or development timing, he touted GMC's strong prices and appeal to non-GM consumers as reasons to spend more in the brand. "The health of GMC is astonishingly good from a consideration standpoint," Reuss remarked. While Chevy and GMC trucks share platforms, they are usually distinguished by their different designs.

Likewise, although the stand-alone GMC truck could be considered a departure from the GM’s platform-sharing strategy, Reuss noted that the carmaker is not returning to the days when GMC has its autonomous product development operations with its own engines and platforms.

In 2010, GMC unveiled a concept of a compact van-like crossover “Granite”, which probably would have been underpinned on GM's global compact vehicle platform. The Granite won't go into production. GM global design boos Ed Welburn told Automotive News last week that GMC's design studio is "as busy as it's ever been," including several concepts under development.

To be in line with the urban theme, the GMC Granite Concept’s exterior shows various intersection and complex places and angles. This gives it a feel of being an industrial machine. Meaning while it was made due to necessity, it remains to be appreciated for the functional aesthetics and the precision. The motif angles forward and are able to cut across the door panel beginning high and at the back of the doors before proceeding to cut to the front door’s center.

This gives it a feel of motion much like the narrow side glass and the high beltline. On the rear section, a spoiler has been incorporated to the roof which extends just a bit on top of the glass. Looking at the other planes and angles on the exterior, it is clear they are carefully metal-crafted. Inside the GMC Granite Concept, there are features that are unmistakably GMC cues.

One of these is the motif for the center stack wing like that one in the new Terrain. The center console is more pronounced and goes in the middle of the front seats as well as the rear ones. Ports are available in order to plug those portable and well-known electronic devices. Storage compartments are also present and big enough to fit a laptop computer. In terms of dimension, the Granite Concept has a relatively short overall length.

This is however complemented by the overall width of 70.3 inches (1,786 mm) and the tall height measuring 70.3 inches (1,536) mm. This combination results in distinct proportions that are dramatically different compared to the standard crossover, minivan, or even SUV designs. According to Lyon, the design team took advantage of the best qualities coming from the different segments like the crossover, minivan, and SUV.

After that, they were then combined using commercial chic visuals. Lyon added that the brand believes this will redefine the premium class, especially ones that are called urban utility vehicles. There is a total of four doors on the Granite Concept. Each of them has a hinge on each side in order for them to open similarly to French doors. Since there is no pillar in the middle of the front doors and the rear ones, it allows for easy ingress and egress when carrying large items.

Exterior Design Manager Juho Suh revealed that the brand made sure that the Granite Concept would have a design that was appealing while also bold in order to showcase a styling statement. He added that for the new generation of professionals in the urban area, this new model offers the functionality and the appearance that they want.

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