Gordon Ramsay drives his 950 hp LaFerrari Aperta in London [w/video]

Article by Christian A., on December 19, 2016

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay isn’t only famous for his cooking. He’s also known for throwing tactless remarks on live TV. What some people don’t know is that the same dude owns several limited edition Ferraris. Well, at least now we couldn’t blame the guy for his extraordinary taste. And guess what? Ramsay is also one of the lucky people to have the latest LaFerrari Aperta delivered at his doorstep. Exactly.

First of all, Ferrari’s limited edition LaFerrari Aperta comes with a 6.3L, naturally aspirated V12 engine. Then, it boasts an output of up to 950 hp and goes from 0-62 miles per hour in less than 3 seconds. Just like Formula 1’s kinetic recovery system, the Aperta uses a combination of hybrid technologies for its engine.

As anyone would’ve expected, Ramsay immediately took a video of his “giant spider” to share on social media. The British chef after all has over two million followers on Instagram. He must have been waiting for this moment after he proclaimed weeks ago (via Top Gear) that put in an order for Ferrari’s most insane and probably most expensive convertible.

Although Ferrari has not disclosed any price details for the sports car, Ramsay must have spent over $2 million or more than £1 million for this beauty. We’ve also learned that the Italian car company would only produce 150 units of the 215mph hypercar. This basically explains why the open-top Aperta was already considered “sold out” way before it became officially available.

Ironically, it seems that money doesn’t play a major role on “who” gets to purchase the “limited-only” Ferrari. Only last August, it was reported that Preston Henn, a rich American businessman and true Ferrari fan didn’t make it to the final list. His reaction was to file a lawsuit against Ferrari for denying him the chance to own the Aperta. Oh geez, see what money can do?!

The famous chef on the other hand got his Ferrari through HR Owen, a dealership based in London. He also has another LaFerrari coupe, a 550 Maranello and a Ferrari F12 TdF among his fleet of supercars. Other than having the money to pay for it, perhaps his popularity and massive social media audience have somehow helped him secure a reservation for the much-coveted Ferrari.

Meanwhile, popular Youtube account “TheTFJJ” has uploaded a video footage of the chef and his magnificent Ferrari in rare “Bianco Italia”. The guy is obviously proud and seems to be enjoying the attention he’s getting on social media. Ramsay was seen driving around the streets of London since his pearl white Aperta (or should we say, “giant spider”) arrived at the door. Talk about fame and fortune.

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