Holiday season ads have not proven to be very effective, report says

Article by Christian A., on December 16, 2011

So far in the last quarter of 2011, the ads for the new luxury model automobiles timed for the holiday season have not proven to be very effective, according to advertising evaluation company Ace Metrix. Chevrolet is one of the few exceptions in the non-luxury category as Ace gave it high scores for its "First Hundred Years" 60-second spot. The ads that are most effective seem to be those that evoke an emotional response. Ace Metrix CEO, Peter Daboll, considers it “astounding” that four of the 'top 10' luxury automobile ads performed “below norm.”

He perceives this to be a sign that instead of offering high quality creative ads, many automakers have decided on getting the “Buy it now, you idiot” message across. One of the respondents to the survey conducted by Ace Metrix wasn’t so impressed with the Lexus "December to Remember" campaign. He said, “People don't buy other people cars.”

He criticized the use of an “annoying jingle” and the excessive reliance on Toytathon. He also didn’t like that Lexus had to make a suggestion during these difficult times for this car to be a gift to a spouse. The factors that Ace Metrix looked at were relevance, persuasion and watchability.

Spots from BMW, Audi and Cadillac scored about the company’s measured norm, ranging from zero to 950 points. Daboll pointed out that story-telling ads, such as those made by Chevrolet and BMW, are more effective than spots that put the focus on sales events.

That the BMW 3-Series Sedan has an athletic look that is highlighted by its wedge shape and is helped by the track made wider by 37 mm at the front and 47 mm at its rear. It is important that the car’s width be in consideration of the front end, which already has multi-faceted surfaces, having an appearance that is more athletic than before.

In addition, focus is placed on the stance of the new BMW 3-Series especially with the squat and wide interpretation of its upright kidney grille, which also slants forward a bit. An important change in the new 3-Series compared to the previous model is that it has two larger intakes instead of a central air intake. Since these air intakes have been placed just below the headlights and on the front end’s outer edges, it gives additional depth to the sporty style of this model.

There are also small vertical intakes that, by being placed on both the far right and the far left of its main ducts, result in what is known as Air Curtain. What this new technology does is to help improve the flow of air on the area in its front wheels and thus help improve aerodynamic efficiency. It also ensures that fuel consumption is lowered especially when running at high speeds.

Its headlights have been extended to reach the kidney grille’s frame and thus combining the grille and the headlights into one stylistic unit. As such, it highlights even further the broad-set stance of this model.

For those who choose to have the xenon headlights, it will have the twin headlights and its corona rings. Thus when the LED accent lights are placed on top of it like eyebrows, it adds intensity to the classic focused look that the brand has been known for. When it comes to the compact sports sedan segment, the 3-Series Sedan has been the pioneer and it is no wonder that over time, it has become the brand’s symbol when it comes to sporting capability, dynamics, and visual appeal.

In addition, it is also considered as the best-selling premium car in the world. Even if the 3-Series has larger dimensions compared to the previous model, it still has excellent balance when it comes to elegance and athleticism.

Of course, like the previous versions, it has dynamic proportions which are due to its longer wheels, short overhang in the front, sweeping bonnet, and the set-back greenhouse that is standard of a BMW. This will be the sixth generation of the 3-Series and given the use of elegant and dynamic lines, it is expected to emphasize this mid-sized model’s sporting quality.

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