The UK can now say goodbye to Genesis (Hyundai’s luxury brand)

Article by Christian A., on July 14, 2017

You can’t force people to acquire something that does not interest them. This is one mistake that South Korean automaker Hyundai won’t likely make again. It has been recently announced that the Genesis will be taken completely out of the United Kingdom market. This is because after several attempts of luring customers to purchase its vehicles, no one seems to be paying much attention. And that’s after the Genesis G80 sedan has been marketed as a worthy adversary to the BMW 5-Series and Mercedes-Benz E-Class.

The luxury brand hasn’t been selling a lot of cars in the UK, not even the original G80 sedan. In fact, in two years (since 2015), only about 50 units of the Genesis sedan were sold in England. That figure is a disappointment to the brand indeed.

First of all, people in the UK are generally more aware of the other two brands as they are based in Europe. Everyone probably knows of Hyundai, but not their sister company Genesis. This could be one factor that has been affecting their sales, as people have a tendency to go for what is familiar.

Furthermore, managing director of Hyundai UK Tony Whitehorn said that Genesis itself was not made specifically for the market, and the 3.8 liter V6 engine under its hood, is not what the European market (including the UK) is looking for. It will definitely sell well in Korea, and maybe it will work in America, but not in the EU.

But you can’t blame Whitehorn. He brought it into the market believing that it might work, because a lot of people said they liked driving it. It became popular in America and in Australia. And it has got a right-hand-drive setup, so he gave it a trial and brought just enough units to sample in the UK - too bad it did not work.

Right now, it seems like Hyundai will not be bringing the Genesis into the UK market anytime soon, and the next time they’ll see one may be a long time from now. In fact, it might not be until they come out with the Genesis SUV. Though, none of these have been confirmed yet.

It is not just the Genesis that is not working in terms of sales. Some sources say that Hyundai is pulling the Azera out of the United States market as well due to poor sales. Could this be an indication of the failure of its sales tactic, or do you think that it is their products? Perhaps they are not offering the features that many other automakers do, and need to revamp some of their models.


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