Hyundai to offer discounts on outgoing Elantra as new version nears

Article by Christian A., on January 28, 2015

The redesigned Hyundai Elantra will be rolled out in the near future, and the South Korean carmaker is taking a chunk off the price of the current version to clear out its inventory. According to Hyundai Motor America chief executive Dave Zuchowski, there is a need to sell the current Elantra down “on a smooth basis to clear the decks” for the new one.

He told Automotive News following a meeting with dealers that Hyundai will offer increased incentives and extra-rich trim packages for the MY2016 Elantra to give the model an edge over its rivals. During the meeting, Hyundai introduced Sam Suh, the new CEO of Hyundai Capital America, parent Hyundai Motor Finance and Kia Motors Finance.

Suh told dealers that there are plans to offer discount financing for returning customers to boost customer loyalty. Zuchowski quipped that Suh announced some changes that will allow them to capture returning customers.

Hyundai dealers expressed optimism with their prospects this year, despite the fact that Hyundai’s growth has been slower than the auto industry’s.

In 2014 alone, Hyundai only sold 1 percent more vehicles to 725,718 units in a US market that surged 6 percent. That same year, Hyundai saw sales of the Elantra in the US drop 10 percent to 222,023 vehicles.

Hyundai has further refined the interior design of the new 2014 Elantra to deliver a more premium feel. In fact, the new Elantra is equipped with an all-new third-generation navigation and audio technology. It could also be specified with available aluminum accents and new HVAC controls.

Interior refinement also includes subtle revision to the locations of HVAC vents and controls as well as to the height of the front center armrest. For a more upscale look, the interior could also be finished in slightly darker, more neutral beige color. Sport models come with aluminum pedals, while Sport and Limited variants feature aluminum door sill plates.

Customers for the Elantra Limited could avail of a new optional multifunction seven-inch touchscreen display with navigation. Already in its third generation, this touchscreen display boasts of a simpler user interface, improved navigation screens, enhanced voice recognition commands as well as a more intuitive system. Pairing the system to a cell phone is aided by simple pop-up messages.

Its voice recognition software, meanwhile, could understand street addresses and cities in one sentence. In addition, route screens could display speed limits as well as details for the next three maneuvers. Most functions are now also completed by just pressing a button once or twice. Likewise, systems memory allows user to view and store of images (jpeg) and music files (mpeg) from a flash driver.

The optional multifunction seven-inch touch-screen display in the Elantra Limited features an integrated Pandora Internet radio. A Pandora icon for Internet radio from an iPhone is found on the display screen, where users could also view Pandora. Moreover, users could thumb up or thumb down a certain song. Users could also connect Pandora to the head unit through a USB cable, thereby integrating album cover art.

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