Infiniti Emerg-E Concept was based on Lotus Evora

Article by Christian A., on April 30, 2012

It’s very likely that Infiniti’s Emerg-E Concept, which was introduced at the Geneva Motor Show earlier this year, would enter production. This flagship mid-engined sports car is a plug-in hybrid too. The Emerg-E has the same layout and structure as the Lotus Evora. This concept was developed by Infiniti in Europe to benefit from the funding from Great Britain’s Technology Strategy Board, a government agency that encourages the advancement of new technologies that cut vehicular carbon emissions.

Lotus is a member of this organization, which is composed of numerous suppliers and universities. It’s notable that the Emerg-E and the Evora 414E Hybrid concept, which debuted in Geneva a couple of years ago, have a strong mechanical relationship.

It isn’t hard to imagine the Emerg-E to be the same as the Lotus 414E version 2.0. But the truth is that the styling of the Emerg-E is pure Infiniti.

The proposal by Randy Rodriguez from Infiniti’s California studio was used as its basis. Nissan design boss Shiro Nakamura directed its style. Nakamura said that they had set a goal to make a mid-engined sports car that was “less brutal” than others and had “graceful power.”

Its highlights include the air intakes topping the rear fenders. The Emerg-E’s two-seat cockpit has strong, flowing lines, building an intimate atmosphere that’s driver-focused. The dashboard has eyebrow-like cuts that conceal the air vents.

Its instruments are illuminated with blue lighting that becomes purple when the car is pushed harder. When the Emerg-E starts, the cabin gets burst of light instead of the usual engine sound. They fade out just after 3 seconds so that the driver doesn’t get distracted.

For many people, the experience of being in London after sunset and cruising silently the neon-lit streets in a superfast sports car is but a dream. However, Infiniti wanted to make this idea a reality and thus came up with the Emerg-E. The actual idea though for the Infiniti Emerg-E concept came from Francois Bancon, the brand’s Division General Manager of Exploratory and Advanced Product.

According to Bancon, when he was put in-charge of looking at the next step, his first thought was on being innovative. He first focused on the Essence, he added, that while successful, was not considered as a dynamic performance flagship. After that was the Etherea, which showed how the brand could fare in the compact luxury class, he continued. Bancon said further that this time around, it was about coming up with a flagship, a model that would become a symbol for the brand.

He added that it did not need to be a limousine, or even a big car, as the brand has always been about performance as well as sporty cars. A unique flagship in addition to being dynamic and athletic, these are the qualities that formed the basis of the Infiniti Emerg-E program. However, it was just as important that the brand continued to look at other means when it comes to propulsion systems.

This was, of course, a logical next move, considering that the brand had already put out on the market the highly innovative M35h. The result is the Emerg-E, which comes with a driveline that can extend range, a first for the brand. To describe the Emerg-E, it is a sports car concept that is innovative, powered by electric motors, and has a mid-ship configuration.

The range-extending powertrain is but a preview of the future on Infiniti when it comes to electric vehicle technology. In addition, this same powertrain is able to exhibit the same level of performance that many expected from a model to come from Infiniti.

It can drive for a maximum of 30 miles running solely on electricity. Add in the extended range and the Emerg-E Concept has a total of at least 300 miles of range with CO2 emissions under the NEDC cycle not exceeding 55 g/km. Indeed, the Emerg-E marks a significant milestone in mid-ship sports cars and even looks into the various alternative propulsion systems.

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