Infiniti Q60 makes history as first US-spec car to arrive in Cuba since 1958

Article by Christian A., on December 9, 2016

For the first time in fifty-eight years, Infiniti registers its first US-Spec Q60 Coupe in Cuba. American products have not been allowed entry into Cuba for six decades. But it seems things are going to change and get better. We learned that Alfonso Albaisa, Infiniti’s executive director for design, considers Cuba to be his homeland. Hmm. Suddenly this looks like a scene from a novel.

To continue along the story, Albaisa drove the Q60 to Cuba not just to find his roots but also to introduce the sedan’s highly modern design to the locals. As expected, the company has never felt as excited before for the main man and documented his journey in video. It’s more of a personal trip but since Infiniti followed him all the way there, then it makes a good place for everyone to unwind.

To some, Infiniti’s idea may appear like a stunt. But for us, it gives us a certain satisfaction to watch the stunning Q60 stand out on the street among old vintage cars and pedicabs. We love how the video showcases Cuba, an amazing island surrounded with colourful buildings influenced by Spanish architecture.

The Infiniti Q60 is a two-door coupe and comes with either a 400hp/300hp 3.0 litre V6 Twin turbo or 280 hp 2.0 litre turbo engines. All of Infiniti’s design headquarters are either based in Miami or Japan.

Albaisa took this opportunity to see with his own eyes the legacy of his great uncle in his homeland. For those who didn’t know, Max Borges-Recio is a Cuban architect who designed Club Nautico and the Tropicana Club. All things considered, Albaisa’s four-day journey will bring him closer to his roots. But what makes it more special is that he will be driving the Q60 as he finds his family’s birthplace and ancestral home.

For sure, he will have a lot of good memories to cherish after the trip. During the last day of his journey, Albaisa will showcase his own Q60 masterpiece in a private art event, which will be attended by more than a hundred artists, architects and designers all from Cuba.

What’s more, it is said that there will be students among the guests who have shown interest in car design. Albaisa commented in an interview how they share the same “DNA” just by seeing “the passion in their eyes”. Nevertheless, he believes that these students can do some great things just as how he conquered the world by designing luxury cars. Although the travel restrictions have not been totally lifted, we think this is a good way to start.

Press Release

INFINITI brings first U.S. vehicle to Cuba in 58 years

Alfonso Albaisa, INFINITI executive design director, took an all-new INFINITI Q60 to Havana – the first U.S.-spec car registered in Cuba in 58 years – to trace his roots back to his parents' birthplace. Now based in Japan, where he oversees all four INFINITI design studios across the world, Alfonso grew up in Miami. This was his first opportunity to visit Cuba and see the curves of the mid-century modern architecture of his great-uncle Max Borges-Recio, including the Tropicana, Club Nautico, as well as Borges Recio's own home. In the process, Alfonso may have also found the origins of his own design DNA that is expressed in the unique flowing lines of current INFINITI vehicles.

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