Is Jeep already planning a redesign for the 2014 Cherokee?

Article by Christian A., on March 12, 2013

Varied speculations about the Jeep Cherokee came out right after a mule was seen last week in Los Angeles by an Automotive News reporter. Many believe that Jeep will be restyling the grille and light placement. Actually, the 2014 Cherokee will be officially unveiled in New York this month. Under the covered front fascia of the hacked-up Alfa Guilietta mule, the reporter saw Jeep's seven-slot grille and a new light placement.

It should be noted that the Cherokee is based on the Guilietta's platform. Last month, there was a leak in the photos of earlier Cherokees and so Chrysler Group had to unveil the model. Compared to those, the mule has lights that are positioned higher while its grille is more vertical.

According to a Jeep spokesman, the automaker is testing several pre-production vehicles at different areas throughout the country but that he won’t be releasing any details about the possible future products.

We could only guess why Jeep is testing this mule. One possibility is that the mule is an earlier design that’s being dropped or relocated. But considering that the second vehicle seems to be a part of the test, this isn’t very likely.

It’s also possible that this mule is an iteration for the trail-rated Cherokee variants that would be more suitable off-road as it comes with greater ground clearance and headlights that are positioned higher.

According to, at least one version of the front-wheel-drive Cherokee will feature a transfer case. Still, it’s possible that Chrysler realized how polarizing Jeep fans considered the initial Cherokee design to be. Chrysler’s head of design Ralph Gilles said that the he has mostly received positive feedback about the Cherokee design but that the few people who didn’t like it felt very strongly against it.

With the 2014 Jeep Cherokee, Jeep will be officially unveiling an exterior with a new design that comes with a global appeal. For this mid-size SUV, the designers at Jeep managed to come up with a model that will move the brand forward to a new period. Specifically, this new model has a more efficiency shape but not at the expense of losing any of Jeep’s design heritage and design language.

As a result, the 2014 Jeep Cherokee is a model that looks both capable and efficient. However, it is more than that as it does have the capability and efficiency, whether on-road or off-road and no matter what the weather situation may be. Further, the stance is truly more powerful with the road presence being more commanding and the wheel-to-body proportion that much more aggressive.

Because of this aggressive approach and the way the departure angles are placed, this vehicle has the capabilities that are truly the best in its class. On the front section, the first important feature is the model’s waterfall hood. It has that well-known sharp and seven-slotted grille. This grille has that horizontal and crisp snap, a feature that is present in many of the brand’s classic models.

Meanwhile the hood has been made more defined and this is divided from the fenders in the front through a more contemporary twist of the Jeep tradition. The combination of the one-piece hood and the grille results in a more precise build. Still on the exterior, the use of the smooth and fluid lines help emphasize the wind-splitting and efficient upper body of this model.

Meanwhile the lower body is protective and rugged and is able to reveal that legendary capability that the brand has long been known for. Under the new 2014 Jeep Cherokee, advanced lighting technology, which utilizes LED, are seen all throughout. The forward lighting for instance has that daytime running lamp (DRL), which has a significant part on the proportion of the front-end.

This gives the headlamp a slimmer feel. The LED tail lamps are more modern and have an important role to play in the rear section’s backlight graphic. With this, the 2014 Jeep Cherokee has a more harmonious but stronger appearance. In addition, the graphic is what connects the lower and upper regions of the rear section. This brings a rather distinct feel to this new model.

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