Jaguar C-X75 hypercar will get a 1.6-liter engine with 500 hp

Article by Christian A., on July 26, 2012

Jaguar’s new C-X75 hypercar is powered by a new 1.6-litre engine that could rev to 10,000rpm. It is capable of delivering about 500bhp and uses both a turbocharger and a supercharger. If you want to hear how the engine of this C-X75 hypercar sounds, there’s a sound clip available online. Jaguar said that its turbocharger and supercharger would supplement two electric motors located on the front and rear axle that surpass any of its upcoming competitors in the quick-growing electric supercar niche.

The project is about to enter the working prototype stage, says Autocar. The team tasked with this project said that the C-X75 could reach a top speed of 200mph and could accelerate from zero to 60mph in a sub 3.0sec time.

Even without the outstanding four-cylinder petrol unit (which replaces the dual jet turbines that are used in the 2010 concept), it offers top performance. Jaguar has done the best that it could so that its plug-in, range-extended machine that costs six figures is a viable hybrid.

The C-X75 has a liquid-cooled, 200kg battery pack (the heaviest part in the car). It is claimed to be capable of a range of 60km when driving on purely electricity. It can also sprint from zero to 60mph in 6.0sec without having to use internal combustion.

The 600v battery is positioned the nearest that it could to the car’s center at only 85mm from the engine, which in turn is mid-mounted. Jaguar said that it has been adamant that all the heaviest components would be fitted in the wheelbase, along with even the rear-mounted seven-speed automated manual gearbox within the wheel shadow. Its transmission is the product of steps taken to reduce weight. Jaguar said that by not opting for a dual-clutch unit, it has saved about 100 kg.

While the Jaguar C-X75 Concept was clearly inspired by the classic designs and their elegant looks, that is not what this car is all about. After all, the classics had also been valued for their purity when it came to engineering.

As such, the goal of the C-X75 was to show what luxury automakers like Jaguar has in store for the future. For the brand in particular, it showcased that zero emissions mobility was possible while ensuring that the core values that represented the brand would remain intact.

Jaguar also showed that the inclusion of range-extending technologies resulted in electric vehicles being more practical. In terms of visuals, the C-X75 combines sculpted lines and stunning proportions and puts them in a powerful stance and then finished using Jetstream Silver.

The reason for this approach, according to Jaguar Advanced Design Studio Head and Assistant Design Director Julian Thomson, was that the concept car had to offer the same emotion that was present in a number of Jaguar’s classic like that of the XJ13 and even the D-Type.

The exterior is not just about design as it is about pure performance as well. Dimension-wise, the length, width, and height, have all been reduced. In addition, the exterior also shows a central fuselage and then bounded by wheel arches that have been made more pronounced. Because there was no need to put in a standard piston engine, this allowed for packaging efficiency.

Thus, those in charge of design have the ability to put the necessary mechanical parts in order to come up with what may be the most elegant of engineering package there is. Jaguar Cars Design Director Ian Callum shares that at its core, the C-X75 is everything that a Jaguar is. It offers the power and excitement of a supercar while ensuring that it continues to have grace and poise, he added.

He continues by saying that it is easy enough to argue that the C-X75 is not simply a concept car but likely a pure art form. Callum says further that the C-X75 is a way to honor the 75 years of the brand’s iconic design.

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