Jaguar is refurbishing US dealerships for new vehicle offerings

Article by Anita Panait, on May 17, 2013

Jaguar is commencing a plan to refurbish its dealerships in the United States to prepare for a series of new products. Regional Jaguar teams are holding "door-to-door" discussions with US dealerships -- starting with about 50 older stores -- over new corporate identity standards, according to Andy Goss, chief executive of Jaguar Land Rover North America.

Goss said plans for the concerned dealerships should be fully implemented by end of 2013. Jaguar wants the interior of the stores to reflect the changes in its product range as it offers all-new models, the first of which will be the F-Type convertible that will be rolled out in the US this Monday, May 20, 2013. Jaguar is expected to roll out a coupe version of the F-Type in 2014, followed by a sedan that will rival the BMW 3 series, as well as a compact crossover.

Goss noted that if they are introducing the F-Type and the other vehicles in the US, they have to with the “blue box,” referring to the container for a Tiffany ring as it is presented as a romantic gift.

Jaguar last updated its dealership standards in 2003, and the new ones will "bring out the British-ness and aspects of our heritage," according to Goss, an English himself. Goss remarked that they want to convey the message that Jaguar is not a “Teutonic brand.”

He said the refurbishments will allow the carmaker to appeal more to the senses, with lot more color. Jaguar’s new standards include a canopy for the service drive, a heritage wall and a performance center that will showcase the latest offering. Aside from the traditional British racing green, cranberry will also color vital areas like the reception and the performance center. According to Goss, refurbishment cost for each store will depend on work required.

The Jaguar F-Type features headlights that run vertically instead of horizontally, naturally leading the eyes up then along the fender crease. The car’s design language is facilitated by technology. Its compact xenon unit needs only one projector and its J-Blade LED running lights emphasize the heartline’s design further.

Moreover, the Jaguar F-Type’s grille leans slightly forward so as to suggest motion even when the car is not moving. Meanwhile, the clamshell hood’s lower edge forms the side vent’s top. The grille’s and side vents’ mesh has a hexagonal design that lends a greater form and greater depth to the car’s look.

Supporting the car’s pure design are its hidden and automatically deploying door handles. These handles stay flush with the car’s door panel until they are activated either by unlocking with a key fob or by touching the touch-sensitive handle. This automatic deployment is like a mechanical "handshake," wherein the driver and the passengers are invited to enter. As soon as the car is moving, these handles retract, leaving an uninterrupted aerodynamic surface.

Furthermore, full LED rear lamps are another signature feature of the new Jaguar sports car, reinterpreting classic cues from previous models. The powerful rear-wheel drive stance of the car is also emphasized by wrapping these lights around the rear wheel arch’s trailing edge. What’s more, the car’s front grille slants forward, while its tail tucks inward, reinforcing the impression that it is poised to spring forward, like a jaguar ready to pounce on its prey.

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