Jaguar planning small saloon and SUV now that the F-Type is ready

Article by Christian A., on October 10, 2012

Jaguar has the new F-type at the top of its priorities. Jaguar boss Adrian Hallmark even describes it as the most important car the company has built in 50 years. He said that this model is the core of its lineup so it would have to be developed first before the company could even consider plans to build other new models. He said that its heritage won’t be complete without the F-type.

He said that as Jaguar is a founding member of the sports car club, it requires one so that people won’t lose sight of what Jaguar stands for. He referred to the F-type as its orientation point. He pointed out that other automakers that continued to invest in their core model became successful because of that.

Hallmark admitted that the most probable models to be offered next by Jaguar are an SUV and a small saloon, according to Autocar. He gave assurances though that these would be built in line with the brand’s three pillars: innovation, design and performance leadership. In response to criticism that the F-type, with a starting price of £58,500, is too expensive, he said that it is a full-size sports car when it comes to “footprint, technology, performance and design.”

But then, its price positions it between the full-size sports cars and smaller sports cars. He cited that Aston V8 or Porsche 911 performance vehicles are priced well below them. Because of the anticipated popularity of the F-type, the next-generation XK would probably have better performance and be priced higher. He said that most XK sales are of R and R-S models so it seems reasonable to expand the car in that direction.

The new Jaguar F-Type serves as the continuation of the carmaker’s tradition of creating elegant yet aggressive cars. This is exemplified by the two so-called "heartlines," which are defined in two bold strokes, the profile and top-down view of the new F-Type. The primary "heartline" scheme commences from the blade on the shark-like side gills of the grille.

This first heartline flows to form the top crease of the fender line, which takes care of providing sight lines for cornering actions. This heartline guides the eye along the top of the front fender, into the door and toward the rear end of the new F-Type. A feature line mirrors this heartline, flowing back from the side vent to give the F-Type a fast and speedy character, along with the so-called "lightcatcher" detailing. This detailing makes it seem that the door surface is hugging the sides of the F-Type, thereby resulting to a fuselage effect.

Meanwhile, the second heartline protrudes and forms the car’s rear haunch, and sweeps around the rear of the new F-Type. The rear end of the new F-Type features neat and sleek lines, as supplemented by the active rear spoiler. This active spoiler would deploy when the car’s speed reaches 60 mph. When the speed falls below 40 mph, the active spoiler would lower to its flush position. This active spoiler is complemented by a front splitter and a sculpted rear valance.

Ian Callum, Director of Design at Jaguar, remarked that the dimensions of a sports car could help create something that is visually exciting. He noted that he defines sports car design as purposeful, which means it wraps both the occupants and mechanicals in a beautiful and sensual package that feature no unnecessary surfaces or decorations – something that was achieved in the F-Type with its lines. He added that by approaching each individual line and making each aesthetically as correct as possible while having the right dimensions, the resulting sports car design would be able to stand the test of time.

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