Jeep Grand Cherokee passes “Moose Test” in Germany

Article by Christian A., on July 30, 2012

Chrysler and Swedish magazine Teknikens Varld have been bickering over an issue related to a new moose test. The automaker has come out with a press release that the test came through without any problems. It also provided details about this test. The arguing began July 9 when the magazine implied that the SUV was a rollover hazard that may actually be fatal.

The argument has been centered on the validity of the test. By the end of the week, Consumer Reports figured in the matter, explaining that the 2011 model it had tested had shown similar but less severe symptoms that were reported to Chrysler and repaired. The same test was conducted by German magazine Auto Motor und Sport, which didn’t find any fault with the Jeep.

In this statement, Chrysler said that the publication conducted the test under maximum passenger capacity with a full load.

It’s hard to say if the conditions were the same between the two magazines. However, the fact that Chrysler didn’t do the test makes it more credible. It’s unfortunate that the test wasn’t conducted on camera, giving plenty of weight to the Teknikens Varld reports.

For the 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee, there will be a total of three 4x4 systems to be offered. The first is the Quadra Trac I which is able to become a four-wheel drive, full-time at that, without the need for any levers or switches. As such, smooth operation is assured regardless of the condition of the road. Further, being lightweight, this single-speed system has more than proven how efficient it is given that fuel economy is enhanced.

The second system is dubbed as the Quadra Trac II. It comes with a two-speed transfer case which utilizes different sensors to get the needed data on the current condition. Thus if the system detects the possibility of a tire slip, it immediately initiates corrective action. Through what is known as the Throttle Anticipate, it determines if there has been quick movement on the throttle form stop and thus is able to maximize the traction even before any slippage happens.

Further if the system does detect tire slippage, almost all of the accessible torque is immediately channeled to the axle that has the most traction. Finally there is the Quadra Drive II, and with an Electronic Limited-Slip Differential in the rear section, is able to offer tractive capability considered as the best in the segment. This system also detects tire slip and then distributes the torque coming from the engine to any tires that have traction.

In fact, there are situations wherein this system will predict that low traction will occur and thus makes the necessary adjustment to remove the slip, or at the very least limit it. The brand revealed as well that for both the Quadra Trac II and the Quadra Drive II, the Selec-Terrain will be equipped as standard. The brand also said that all versions of the 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokees are equipped in either off-road or the Quadra-Lift group are Trail Rated.

Trail Rated is a badge that Jeep uses on the 2011 models to show that the vehicle was indeed designed to be able to perform in different off-road conditions. This is based on five criteria that customers generally want to see on performance models and these are articulation, ground clearance, maneuverability, traction, and water fording.

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