Jenson Button now the proud owner of a new McLaren MSO 675LT Spider

Article by Christian A., on January 24, 2017

Retired Formula 1 driver Jenson Button has just received his brand new McLaren MSO 675LT Spider. This was confirmed after McLaren Beverly Hills posted a picture on its official Instagram account. There must be a sentimental reason why he chose the new MSO among other high performance cars. It must have something to do with the fact that Button drove a McLaren-Honda in last year’s F1 world championship.

There have been no reports yet on what the 2009 F1 champion plans for his immediate future. Since he has retired, it’s likely that he must’ve bought the 675LT for his own personal use and enjoyment. He had owned 12Cs and 650S in the past but this new Spider surpasses all of them when it comes to performance and price. His Longtail comes with special MSO finishing, which includes black alloy wheels with five spoke design as well as brake calipers of the same color.

Earlier reports revealed that a McLaren 675LT Spider with MSO paint would cost you an additional $60,000. That’s merely for the paint job. There is also this $12,000 color coded key fobs that come separately.

The Longtail or LT was initially used on Formula One GTR racers during the 90s. Powered by a 3.8litre twin turbo V8 engine, the 666hp (or 675PS) McLaren Special Operations Spider can do a 0-100 kilometers per hour under 2.9 seconds. Likewise, it can speed off from 0-200 km/h in as short as 8.1 seconds while its top speed can go at an impressive 326km/h.

Last year, Button said that he’ll be taking part at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix and will consider it as his last and final Formula One race. Whatever he means by that, it’s obvious that he badly needed a break. That’s why even if his contract with McLaren would still allow him to race until 2018, we won’t be seeing much of him. At least in the upcoming races.

Nevertheless, Button will continue his role as the ambassador for the brand and will be standing by for the team in case of an emergency. Button’s outstanding performance has given him a total of fifty podium finishes, fifteen race wins and one championship title during his entire career.

The 675LT isn’t the only high performance machine owned by the British F1 world champion. Button also owns a 904bhp McLaren P1 and is probably his ultimate performer to date. But it seems like he’s not taking his McLaren P1 for a cruise anywhere else outside the UK. Instead, he is expected to be seen driving his new MSO around the US any minute. We also heard he owns a Porsche 911 GT3 RS as well as a Ferrari 275 GTS so maybe we’ll also have to watch out for those.

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