Koenigsegg Regera gets its Battleship Grey coat

Article by Christian A., on February 7, 2017

How would you configure your own Regera? Koenigsegg is building more hype into its Regera by showing how customers could personalize their own 1,800-hp luxury megacar. And Koenigsegg thinks there is no better way to do this than to create personalized Regeras that are customized according to the taste of actual people – its own personnel.

With an aim of showing how far customers could go with their Regera megacars, Koenigsegg tasked a couple of employees to configure or create their own rides. So far, three creations have been made, and each of them is dynamically luxurious and sportily elegant in its own right.

The first one was created by Steven Wade, a member of Koenigsegg’s communications team and who also serves as a copywriter. His Regera creation features a purple carbon exterior finish. Wade’s choice of color is influenced by the fact that he is a great fan of Prince, the pop icon who passed away in April 2016 at the age of 57. Prince is massively identified for his hit song and album “Purple Rain.” Wade’s admiration of Prince simply didn’t die last year, and he intended to keep the singer’s memories through this Regera creation. Further exterior elements include ultra-light wheels in carbon fiber and white brake calipers.

Wade’s Regera comes with a “snow” leather interior cabin with the seats featuring a basket weave pattern. Although the seat stitching on this particular Regera is in blue, Wade says his ideal color would in purple.

The second customized Regera was created by Johan B, Koenigsegg’s Sales Director for Continental Europe and the Nordic countries. While the first Regera creation was a tribute to Price, this configuration is inspired by a glass of fine French red wine. This is why this creation features a Bordeaux-tinted carbon fiber exterior finish with clear carbon center section, as bordered by gold leaf striping. While this Regera rides with same carbon fiber wheels as the Wage’s Purple ride, it features grey brake calipers instead of white. Inside, this red wine-inspired Regera feature a creamy cappuccino and coffee color scheme.

Now, Koenigsegg has released the third result of this project. The latest customized Regera is created by Mattias Vox, the carmaker’s prototype manager and vehicle builder. His creation looks much like John B’s Regera except for the fact this megacar is wrapped in Battleship Grey and features white striping. Its center section features clear carbon finish, as well as its side intakes and stripe.

In addition, Vox’s Regera creation comes loaded with Koenigsegg’s optional Aero package, as mounted on both the front and rear ends of the car. As for its interior, this particular Regera comes with Roe Deer cabin, with an aluminum centre stack, carbon airbag cover as well as heater cowl. Its seats feature white centre sections with diamond stitching.

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